Paranormal activity 1 and 2

How good, and whats it about ? “Contains spoilers”.


Not receiving any recent posts may be a sign my blog is descending into the depths of a ghost town. A spot on the web, drifting into deeper darker cyberspace.
What the pause has allowed it’s author to do though … “me, you guessed it”, is to consider the types of posts I scribe.

Horror movies always capture my attention, and so feature frequently on the blog.
This isn’t going to change. Instead of reviews though, these horror movies will be analysed in terms of their differences and concepts, without considering the basics of their sounds and effects, unless this is their unique element. Who cares if the cast or acting is good, if the storyline doesn’t inspire your imagination ?

Paranormal activity

For the first of these posts we explore “Paranormal activity”. CCTV in a haunted home captures events, focusing on how evil entities affect the inhabitants lives. The first 2 films I have actually seen. These differ in a few ways. Comparison below:

1 (8/10)

Released in 2007, features an adult couple who move into a property. The idea of moving into a new house can be intimidating, and unusual surroundings and environment, typically act as a key element to any horror. Individuals become possessed throughout a demonic visit to their new property. This allegedly follows one of the couple into the house, and eventually takes over her mind and body. Most paranormal activity occurs during the night, enhancing the hiding places for evil.

The idea of CCTV works well in the first 2 paranormal activity films. It refuses to direct your eye to the paranormal activity, resulting in increased suspense while you look for it. The use of cameras installed by concerned residents, begins that notion of tension.
With the couple the sole focus, this means there are only 2 individuals affected. This for me detracts from the fear factor compared to later episodes. The main floor in the series is the lack of evil looking things actually shown to you.

2 (8.5/10)

Released in 2010 paranormal activity 2 is a prequel to the first film. It features an entire family, focusing far more on the exterior of their home, thereby adding more variety in the camera shots available. The greater number of individuals result in greater fear factor, since more people get affected and distressed by events, enhancing that horror element. This film also focuses on an entire family, rather than just a couple.

Again like the original, this movie doesn’t show the evil entity affecting the family, which is a shame. The “moving into a new house and filming on camera concept” is used for this film aswell as the original.
Whilst film 1 and 2 in the series are a good watch, due to the outside and inside setting and character diversity here, the fear factor is enhanced. It also affects more people in many different ways. The series is good, as it acts as a reality horror. Portraying normal life, and horrors affect on it. Not just focusing on the horror itself, but how people are affected by it.


Out of the first 2 movies the prequel, “film 2”, appears to have it by a whisker. You do not have to watch these films in order, as the plot lends well to standalone films. I do recommend you watch both the films though. I will keep you updated on the next 2 movies “3 and 4”, and how they compare shortly.
Anyway, I have films to watch, thanks for reading.

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