Prometheus vs In the tall grass horror comparison – “Watch all of (Prometheus), and the start of (In the tall grass) “.


For those of us binging on isolation movies, I’m comparing films to help you select the best form of entertainment in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? 🙂

Film Introduction

(Prometheus) is a 2012 Mystery/Sci-fi, whereas (In the tall grass) is a 2019 Horror/Mystery, available on Netflix.

So why compare 2 films which are 7 years apart, and slightly different genres.

The answer is simple…

The well known actor “Patrick Wilson”, features in both. Who is that ? Google it … He portrays emotion very effectively and dramatically.
Secondly, both films come under the “Mystery” genre, and appear to have a sci fi feel.

So which is best ? Which are/is, worth a watch ? What is good and bad about each ?

Read on to find out …

What I like (Prometheus) (my rating 9.5/10) 

Patrick Wilson is not a main character here, unlike in  “In the tall grass”. He only features very briefly. Other famous actors like idris Elba though, feature far more commonly.

Alien world is the setting, and emphasis on discovery is present, utilising some degree of tension.

The movie plays far less on trying to be scary, succeeding to display innovation and discovery, targeting the mystery genre. Shocking moments are present though …The creativity and excitement maintained throughout for the viewer, is quite remarkable. Not only in evil, but in the environment shown. The character relations seem far deeper, and interactions are far more believable, than “In the tall grass”.

What I like (In the tall grass) (my rating 5/10)

The opening sets the scene well, and is clear to understand. The acting is generally good, and there’s plenty of gore for horror fans. A sense of mystery emerges quite quickly, and develops well.


Since “In the tall grass” is a horror, I’d like to be shocked and scared more. I was barely scared at any point. It felt more gross than scary, which isn’t my cup of tea.

Prometheus allegedly had more of a Sci-fi twist from its listed genre, this is true from the off, with futuristic technology and alien settings. It comes across as a far more exciting and expansive mystery too. As time goes on, this film gets better.

“In the tall grass” by contrast, seems to fade away considerably, after its intriguing opening.

Prometheus maintains audience engagement throughout, which allows it to be considered a better film. Whilst Prometheus isn’t billed as a horror, having watched, I strongly suspect horror fans would prefer it to “In the tall grass”.


Out of these films, only one is entertaining throughout. Only 1 has a plot which is meaningful and easy to understand. Only 1 has beautiful environments and great acting.

I totally favour Prometheus therefore, even as a horror !!

In relation to which is worth a watch ….

I’d suggest you watch the beginning of “In the tall grass”, and the whole of Prometheus afterwards. This would be particularly appropriate if you also like Sci-fI or action movies. Both films do have a horror feel though.

Watch all of “Prometheus”, and the start of “In the tall grass”.

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