#201 Fast and Furious (1-3) Which is the best ?

Which is the best fast and furious to watch ???
Out of the 3, the **** movie “Fast and Furious”, was my favourite overall

#199 My Fitbit stepcount is wrong ??

Fitbit stepcount is wrong ?? Introduction Ever been walking around a park for the 50th time, trying to hit that mystical 10k arbitrary step target. Your legs trembling, from the weight of performative wellness expectations on Instagram. Feeling like you have spent your day, literally orbiting around. Step count (Pedometer) accuracy Well, I too have […]

#198 100 miles cycling in a day completed !! (My Stops and feeds)

100 miles cycling in a day completed !! (My Stops and feeds) Introduction Last Tuesday, 9th June 2020, I made the absolute most of my unlimited daily exercise, by attempting 100 miles of cycling. Nutrition during I completed the challenge, but would recommend a different nutrition snack, rather than the popcorn bars I chose. They […]