4 Favourite Fads Friday !!

With many fad diets out there, fading into and out of popularity, I cherry-pick a few of my favourites so far, and order them 1-4 from best to worst. This will help you choose a good diet to eliminate that lockdown-built lard !

1 Volumetrics

For a diet with one key principle “Eat larger foods with fewer calories”, the volumetrics diet encourages eating more fruit and vegetables, without banning any food groups. It can be effective for weight loss, with one individual dropping 10lbs in a month, and it’s free to undertake. It’s non commercial, only suffering from the fact you need to like fruit and vegetables.

2 Noom

Noom has the great difference of focusing on why people eat, aiming to tackle problem behaviours, to solve the diet conundrum. It considers calorie deficits for weight loss, without banning any specific foods.

3 Zone

Zone is largely based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, but uses blood markers of inflammation, to measure your progress from before to after the diet. This is good, as it focuses on body functioning, rather than simply body weight. Unfortunately, it recommends pricey supplements, and requires blood tests.

4 Paleo

Paleo has the strength of focusing on what humans are adapted to eat. It reduces a lot of heavily processed foods, known to contain problem nutrients. It also considers anti-nutrients, which reduce the absorption of key nutrients.

The main drawbacks include eliminating dairy, and most carbohydrates. It also allows certain foods with anti-nutrients such as spinach, suggesting it hasn’t fully thought through its justifications.


I would recommend the Volumetrics diet, and Noom diet, as the best fad diets I’ve reviewed so far. All of these diets have good principles, but some have more drawbacks than others. What works for someone, may not work for someone else.

Binge watch my “Fossafitness” diet review videos below:

Noom : https://youtu.be/H4tOvQ4gMBo

Volumetrics : https://youtu.be/bWCFw79DcZo

Zone : https://youtu.be/O6YHTtDFT9M

Paleo : https://youtu.be/e3uHy41zVzw

My long life recipe book : https://www.amazon.com/Live-Longer-Ingredients-long-life-ebook/dp/B087TNJQHK/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Live+longer&qid=1588325227&s=digital-text&sr=1-3

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