Jurassic Shark (2012) vs The Meg (2018) “The Meg is in every way a much better movie”.


“Watch The Meg, but skip Jurassic Shark, whether you like comedy or horror”.


Lockdown may have been amended in the UK, but I am sure you still have time for a sneaky movie every now and again. I’m comparing films, to help you select the best form of entertainment, in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? Reasea.org 🙂

Film introduction

Jurassic Shark is a 2012 Action/Adventure/Comedy film featuring sharks – (1 hr 30 mins).

The Meg is a 2018 Action/Horror/Sci-fi featuring sharks – (1 hr 53 mins).

What I like (Jurassic Shark) (1.0/10)

The ending is vaguely amusing, and the plot is fairly action-packed. The introduction is quite unique from most other shark attack movies. The setting is also changed fairly frequently throughout.

What I like (The Meg) (8.5/10)

There’s an unusual environment, from the word go, which immediately begins tension. Lighting effects and distress are instantly noticeable.

The Meg doesn’t reveal any evil entity too quickly, thereby maintaining suspense and mystery. Frequent changes of environments can be spotted.

Good quality camera footage clearly depicts sharks.

The plot is easily understandable, making logical sense for the most-part, unlike in many other shark movies. Settings are innovative, combining beautifully with the plot, for the films’ opening. Plenty of action occurs throughout, with the ending building to an unexpected climax.


From start to finish, Jurassic Shark displays one of the most disappointing showcases of special effects I’ve ever seen. The shark may aswell be in a cartoon. The acting is pretty shallow when it comes to emotions, and the plot is very basic. The lack of fear factor, keeps the whole movie flat.

The frequent change of setting, and short film duration, help you exist to the end of the movie.

Sleeping, only waking up just before the end, seems a good choice here..

Preferably after the end though !

In The Meg, the special effects if used, arn’t noticeable at all. The sharks all seem entirely realistic, as if shot in the flesh. All camera shots are very clear. The character emotions are far more believable, nothing feels fake.

Fear factor is much better throughout here, than in the entire Jurassic Shark movie. There are some pulse-raising moments, rest assured.

The Meg is far longer than Jurassic Shark, at 1 hr 53 minutes, yet feels shorter !!

The Meg in every way, is a much better movie.


The Meg is in every way a much better movie, and an enjoyable one !

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Jurassic Shark: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2071491/

The Meg: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4779682/

Photo credits

The meg: https://thedailyjaws.com/blog/2018/8/14/mega-low-down-the-meg-review

Jurassic Shark: Reaseaorg

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