Divergent (8/10) vs Insurgent (Divergent 2) (7/10).

“Watch both movies :)”.


Lockdown may have been amended in the UK, but I am sure you still have time for a sneaky movie every now and again. I’m comparing films, to help you select the best form of entertainment, in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? Reasea.org 🙂

Film introduction

Divergent is a 2014 Mystery/Action. This is a prequel to (Insurgent- Divergent 2), and I refer to it as (Divergent), throughout this comparison.

Insurgent is a sequel to Divergent, and is a 2015 Action/Sci-fi. I refer to it as (Insurgent-Divergent 2) throughout this comparison.

What I like (Divergent) (8/10)

Brilliant tension-building effects occur alongside a truly action-packed plot. The storyline is basic enough to make sense, with the fast pace of the movie. Emotions are played well, and can be felt in tense moments.

What I like (Insurgent- Divergent 2) (7/10)

A real twist is present at the end which I like. The movie story continues from the prequel, making it easy to get into, for those fans of the original. The characters are varied a little, with attention drawn to different factions. This keeps things fresh enough to prevent boredom.


Divergent is far more action-packed with more tension throughout. Emotions are palpable, and Individual relations are tested to the limit. Insurgent continues romantic relations, yet never feels as electric in the attraction/interaction between different characters.

Insurgent seems focused on conflict between factions, whilst Divergent is focused on conflict within factions. The film environment makes the former, quite a drawn out theme. One that isn’t executed in a way to engage the viewer aswell as in the original. Hence the lower rating.


Both films are worth a watch. The sequel is weaker.

“Watch both movies 🙂 !!”

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