Annabelle 1 and 2 – Our Dual analysis
Released in 2017, Anabelle creation was the second film released. The original, “Annabelle”, whilst released earlier (2014), was set later as the sequel to Annabelle Creation. The movie we refer to as “Creation” for the remainder of the article.

2 Annabelle Creation 2017 (Our rating = (9/10) – IMDb rating = (6.5/10))

Evil concepts introduced within the first ten minutes indicate, a real treat of a movie. A novel idea is that of a conduit. A physical object through which evil can be channeled. It provides a distraction from the true source of harm here, as does the camera; Often choosing to shoot the fearful child’s face, rather than the malevolent entity itself.

Perhaps the films uniqueness, lies in how distorted reality becomes, before retracting to a still sense of banter-filled normality. An ever turbulent environment, highly sensitive to change.

The camera variation, aswell as the environment provide stimulation. Events are kept fresh. Unusual environments are frequented by spirits, on all occasions. These are stumbled upon during happy times;The mood of Creation, follows no predictable pattern. This helps to shock, startle and scare, using unusual hiding places intuitively, to dramatic effect.

1 Anabelle 2014 (Our rating = (7/10) – IMDb rating (5.4/10))

The original movie is a sequel to creation. The demonic presence channeled through the doll can be felt and seen, in the form of a young girl “Anabelle Higgins”. This spirit becomes apparent and present with the doll around. The movement of the doll is never seen; This is a clever concept since it shows the evil energy through one physical object.
Disappointingly though, this movie focuses so much on the doll, it loses sight of Anabelle. This means that the real fear factor of the movie relies on the audience being creeped out by the doll itself. The lady “Anabelle”, whilst scruffy looking, doesn’t really appear that scary.

The concept of the movie works far more weakly here, than in the prequel, “Creation”. This is because the focus is not on the evil, or the victims’ reaction to it. Instead, the focus rests on the slightly creepy looking inanimate doll. Tension builders seem weaker here than in creation too. The lives of the victims, despite being all encompassed by traumatic events, don’t seem overly scared by what’s going on. They have the rationality to actively seek answers, which seems unrealistic. A state of dull calm is present all too often.

To liven things up, you want to see the doll come to life perhaps, although theoretically this couldn’t happen, since it’s just a conduit.

1/2 Conclusion

In Summary, creation is by far the creepier film, tending more to evil events and fear, than a harmless, albeit creepy, doll. This is true to the concept of Annabelle, so resonates better with the storyline too.

It is good to see IMDb users agree with my decision that creation, the prequel, is a far better film out of these 2.

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