Dark planet (4.0/10) vs Enders game (8.5/10)

“Watch (Enders game), skip (Dark Planet)”.


Lockdown may have been amended in the UK, but I am sure you still have time for a sneaky movie every now and again. I’m comparing films, to help you select the best form of entertainment, in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? Reasea.org 🙂

Film introduction

Today, I review 2 Sci-fi themed movies.

Dark planet is a 1997 Sci-fi movie, whereas Enders game is a 2013 Action/Adventure/Family movie. Both movies are set in space.

What I like (Enders game) (8.5/10)

Enders game has a clear opening, with an unusual twist, immediately present. The movie instantly appears exciting. It captures the essence of discovery, putting the science, into science fiction. Action is frequent, alongside Sci-fi themes throughout. It has a strong ending, with poignant message.

What I like (Dark planet) (4.0/10)

Relations between characters, were well played. Plot was easy to understand. The final 30 minutes, lifted the film to an average watch; Warfare themes and emotional relations, were carried out well in this period.


Enders game was certainly not a Horror, but an Action-packed Fantasy movie, which was certainly worth a watch. It’s listed as a Family/Action movie, which I think is quite a non-descriptive genre for this film. A combination between virtual reality and warfare, can be seen throughout.

Enders game is ideal for gamers, or those interested in Sci-fi/Fantasy themes. It’s appropriate for children too.

Dark planet is set after dystopia, rather than before it, unlike Enders game. The planet is already in a state of chaos, so Dark planet, follows on from that. Graphics are meant to be real in Dark planet, yet they appear seriously more basic, than in Enders game. Both films are set in space.

At least in Enders game, the graphics are supposed to be of space simulation, rather than real space footage.

Enders game ironically appears more real in these simulations, that the space invaders-style graphics, in Dark planet.

This cannot be excused, instantaneously detracting from Dark planets’ enjoyment value. The plot of Dark planet is far less interesting and entertaining, than Enders game too. If you watch the last 10 minutes of Dark planet, you can basically skip the rest of the film. In Enders game, the whole movie is needed, and worth a watch.


If you want a medium length, dull movie, with basic plot and terrible graphics, then Dark Planet (1997) could be bearable. For a Fantasy/Sci-fi movie suitable for all ages, Enders game has it in the bag.

Watch (Enders game), skip (Dark Planet).

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Photo credits

Enders : https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Film/EndersGame

Dark planet: https://letterboxd.com/film/dark-planet/

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