Best Shark Horror movies – Since 2000 !!


I bring you my top 5 shark movies since 2000. I prefer modern movies, due to better effects and graphics.

The ratings are my own, and not based on IMDb. IMDb considers Bait, a good option. Having watched this, I opted for Shark night instead, for 5th place.

My picks snapshot:

“The Meg- 2018 (Action/Horror/Sci-fi), The Shallows- 2016 (Drama/Horror/Thriller), 47 Meters down: Uncaged- 2019 (Adventure/Drama/Horror), The Reef- 2010 (Adventure/Drama/Horror), and Shark Night 3D- 2011 (Horror/Thriller)”.

1 The Meg (8.5/10)

Researchers investigating deep sea science, in a high-tech laboratory, use their equipment to investigate the mysterious deep sea. What they find is more than they bargained for. The movie is innovative throughout, using a clear story, and beautiful camera shots. It’s one of my all-time shark attack favourites !!

2 The Shallows (8.0/10)

A girl travels to the beach her mother used to visit as a young lady. There, things take an unexpected turn !

The opening has great tension, with good sound effects, and realistic sharks. There are frequent scenery changes, and never a lack of action. The character emotions feel very believable.

The ending is a true spectacle, and not predictable. The sharks are highly aggressive, and it works well as a horror.

Worth a watch !

3 The Reef (7.5/10)

A man travels on holiday with his sister and girlfriend. They meet a boat delivery guy, and proceed to the sea for holiday adventures !

No sharks can be seen in the opening. Consequently, there isn’t as much tension as there could be. The opening sets the scene well for a shark adventure though. The movie has many scary moments, thanks to tense music, and realistic shark footage. The emotive acting also greatly lifts the movie.

Not quite my favourite shark movie, but a classic concept, with good execution.


4 47 Meters down: Uncaged (7.0/10)

A group of school age teenagers take a detour caving, where they find more than they bargained for. The movie is full of action, and shark graphics are good.

It isn’t acted perfectly, is more action than horror, but is still worth a watch.


5 Shark night 3D (7.0/10)

A group of friends stay at a mates house, on the edge of a lake. Things quickly take a sinister turn !

Uniqueness here, comes from different environments, and evil coming from unexpected places. Sharks are depicted well, with multiple species involved. Tension and action were abundant. Good gore and acting were present. The film fits the (Horror/Shark attack), genre well.



Shark attack movies commonly suffer from being too lighthearted. Without good shark footage, or believable acting. I sifted through many movies, from memory, selecting only my favourites. I then used them, to produce a list of the Best shark movies since 2000.

Whilst a close call, for an all-rounder, The Meg has it all.

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