100 miles cycling in a day completed !! (My Stops and feeds)


Last Tuesday, 9th June 2020, I made the absolute most of my unlimited daily exercise, by attempting 100 miles of cycling.

Nutrition during

I completed the challenge, but would recommend a different nutrition snack, rather than the popcorn bars I chose.

They caused some stomach discomfort, which wasn’t ideal for a ride of this demanding nature.

Hydration during

Please, please, please, remember to drink a lot.

I had 1.5 litres of water to complete this ride, but you could enrich the water, and should consume more than this to stay hydrated. At least 2 litres I would suggest.

On an endnote: If you are not a regular cyclist, please build up gradually to this mileage. I have been cycling 50-100 miles per week outdoors, for around 5 years prior to attempting this.

Here is how it went (link here to full activity : https://www.strava.com/activities/3588168706)

Build up

After building up with a 56 mile ride / 76 mile ride/ and then a 50% normal training week, which for me is 50 miles, I attempted the 100 mile solo bike ride in 24 hours challenge, on my road bike.

(Please note: Stop information is approximate and varied due to road safety)

Stop information

Stop 1- (7 minutes) at 25 miles: 90 calories

Food= 84 calories/1 bar/ 21g ( Fibre one milk Chocolate popcorn bar Tesco)

Drink= approx 500ml water

Stop 2- (7 minutes) at 50 miles:

Food= 84 calories/1 bar/ 21g ( Fibre one milk Chocolate popcorn bar Tesco)

Drink= approx 500ml water

Stop 3- (7 minutes) at 75 miles:

Food= 84 calories/1 bar/ 21g ( Fibre one milk Chocolate popcorn bar Tesco)

Drink= approx 500ml water

How it felt

*The first 20 miles felt quite comfortable.

*At around 45 miles, my knees began to ache slightly / stomach felt a bit dodgy*

*80 miles I began watch watching, indicating mental and physical fatigue. I had to modify the route to increase mileage slightly / stomach not overly calm

*90 miles legs (mostly knees) were aching badly at this point, up any sort of incline. I used momentum where I could to roll closer to the finish / stomach settled by this point


1 Slept an average of 11 hours for the next 2 nights. Back to normal sleep time by Friday. (FYI The ride was on Tuesday).

2 Increased calories slightly at every meal until fatigue lowered.

3 Next workout was 22 miles on Friday 12th June.

Cost of nutrition was £1 total: Get it here https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/301045279


I completed the ride in under 8 hours. Moving time was  7 hr 3, 3000 calories approx, and 14 mph average speed approx.

Whilst my nutrition wasn’t perfect, the build up worked, and ultimately the challenge was completed successfully on my first attempt !!

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