Fast and Furious (1-3) Which is the best?


Out of the 3, the fourth movie “Fast and Furious”, was my favourite overall, due to frequent setting changes, and following the main characters lives well. It had a strong introduction, and an ending with a plot twist.


Lockdown may have been amended in the UK, but I am sure you still have time for a sneaky movie every now and again. I’m comparing films, to help you select the best form of entertainment, in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? 🙂


Film introductions

Today I compare the first 3 Fast and Furious films, chronologically. This means, films in the order they occur, not the order they are released in. Consequently,  I compare 1, 2 and 4.

1 The first movie “The Fast and the Furious” was released in 2001, which is (Action/Crime/Thriller) genre.

2 The second movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” was released in 2003, which is also (Action/Crime/Thriller) genre.

3 The fourth movie “Fast and Furious”, was released in 2009, which is (Action/Thriller) genre.


What I like (The Fast and the Furious) (7.5/10)

It’s Constantly action-packed, with enough plot twists to keep the viewer entertained. It gave enough insight into each of the characters, allowing the viewer to get to know the main ones quickly. The sounds, tension, and story, keep you guessing throughout. This means you never know who to align with. Combine cars with attractive women, and a pretty good story; This is the result. Camera angles were very nicely considered too.


What I like (2 Fast 2 Furious) (7.0/10)

It’s Story was consistently action-packed too, featuring great variety in driving styles, and character selection.

The ending here, felt more poignant than in the first movie. The main characters had far more banter here too. The plot wasn’t explained till a significant way into the film, keeping the viewer questioning. A Fantastic finale in this movie, brought it close to the first.


What I like (Fast and Furious) (8.5/10)

The opening was action packed, reuniting the viewer with the characters from the original movie. Change of setting was frequent, allowing lots of racing in different environments.

It won’t only please the car racing fans though…

Relations between characters were consistently challenged, and changed. The entire story was full of action, yet also had a strong plot behind it. There was a twist at the end, as in the original. All characters felt believable. Showing 2 stories from opposing perspectives, was a nice touch to improve on the original.

This kept me guessing throughout, keeping the viewer hooked.



The first had a great opening, providing enough mystery to hook you in. The second, by contrast, built to a better finale. This means it’s worth sticking with. I didn’t find the racing as entertaining in the second, as the first though.

The second introduces you to the characters far less, which made it hard to relate to them till a while in. Individuals’ lives outside of racing, were better incorporated in the first. This provided more closure at the end, making the characters more relatable overall.


What saved the second, was it’s dramatic ending. Also, the relationship between 2 of the main characters, was rather charming here. Sadly, not enough was explained about the villain throughout.

The fourth movie, (third when put in the correct order), had a great opening, much like the original. The character relations had echoes of the first, yet here there were far more insights, such as 2 stories running simultaneously throughout. Some of the mysteries here, weren’t tied up as-well as the original, yet the ending had a nice twist, much like that film.

The setting changes clinched it here though, with lots of different gangs and environments. Racing felt more tense, as in the first, perhaps lacking a few of the camera shots though. The second, never quite had the same intensity during racing.

This was a stronger movie than the second, and whilst it had some similarities to the original, it was my favourite overall.



Both of the first 2 films were worth a watch. The second had a better ending, and the first had a stronger introduction to the characters. Overall, the first clinched it with more plot twists, although the varied settings were a real strength of the second.

My Pick

Out of the 3, the fourth movie “Fast and Furious”, was my favourite overall, due to frequent setting changes, and following the main characters lives well. It had a strong introduction, and an ending with a plot twist.

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