Walk tracking test: £350 GPS watches vs FREE Apple (IOS) apps …

The walking pedometer test from my house to Sainsbury’s 1.2 miles (2283.2-2516.8 actual steps)

1. Introduction

When there’s nothing better to do than go shopping, and you don’t actually need anything from the shops ….

What better way to spend your day, than walking to the supermarket, in order to test GPS tracking apps and devices, for comparison purposes.

(FYI: Both trips were on sunny days, with limited cloud cover. There were hills and buildings on the way, and a lane with significant tree cover).

2. Amazfit Bip – Arrived with frozen screen!!!

Okay, so pretty much anything is more fun than that, but I did it anyway, to bring you my walk recording comparison, between some of the best fitness tracking apps.

Sadly, my latest accession of the Amazfit Bip, arrived with a frozen screen. Having read about this online. Rather than going all superhero nerd, and downloading a million apps to fix, I opted to return the item to Amazon.

I must say this was very easy, (watch still within the free returns time period), and Hermes collected the next day, with a couple of labels stuck onto the packaging.

So sadly, that meant I couldn’t include the Amazfit Bip in the pedometer test. Clearly this wouldn’t be useful though, if the device has this type of fundamental issue anyway. I therefore wouldn’t advise you to buy one, in case of similar software freezing issues, you could encounter. I have linked my replacement below instead.

3. What I decided to replace it with

For your £58, you could buy a (Huawei Band 4 Pro) instead. This is what I opted for, as a replacement. For me, all I need is my steps and the time of day on one screen. I also need consistent accuracy or inaccuracy. This means I can calculate the error range for the step counts I do, to guarantee I hit those step targets.

The Huawei band 4 pro is available on (Link 1) below –

I selected the best tracking apps which work with IOS on iPad. This was decided by looking at multiple top ten comparisons, before testing to check which ones were user friendly. All these apps, with the exception of Charity miles, were tested on the same trip.
This meant minimising variation in steps taken, or weather conditions. In addition to the Charity miles app, I had to test the (Huawei Band 4 Pro) on a different day, due to not having it available beforehand.

4. The Stats

Actual (Gold standard) route distance = 2400 steps

(2283.2- 2516.8) = Google maps distance (m) / average adult step distance (m)


(Best FREE IOS iPad pedometer app = Pacer )

#2 Pacer FREE app (with GPS) (2232) +- 51.2 steps from gold standard

#3 Fitbit FREE app (without GPS) (3637) +- 1120.2 steps from gold standard

#4 Charitymiles FREE app (uses GPS) Didn’t record …


(Both GPS trackers had exactly the same accuracy)

#1 Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS watch (2374) +-0 steps from gold standard

#1 Huawei Band 4 Pro (2426) +-0 steps from gold standard

#5 Amazfit Bip (Uses GPS) Arrived unusable

5. Conclusion

Best app

Pacer: The best tracking application (IOS iPad), is one I used in my 50,000 step challenge, alongside my Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS watch. I recommend this app to anyone serious about tracking their steps.

This is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a penny, tracking their steps, during long walks.

It very nearly held its own against GPS devices, costing hundreds of pounds !!

I was surprised by this, so would have to recommend.

Best Device

(Huawei Band 4 Pro fitness tracker / Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS watch)

Okay, so I was amazed a £55 fitness tracker could precisely match, the step count of my Forerunner 645, which set me back £350. My test was only 1.2 miles though, so maybe inaccuracy could show on longer activities, or on activities faster than walking, such as running or cycling.

For me though, this pedometer test was about recording steps. What I would say before buying this band though, is starting the activity is a bit more fiddly than on the Forerunner, and it seems to take a little longer to find the GPS signal. Don’t move before it finds GPS, as I have read, this messes up the accuracy. I also read countless positive reviews, before deciding on this band.

Remember to check out my next post on Friday, and as always, comments and likes are highly valued. Stay safe …

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Photo credits: Reasea.org

Photo edits: Reasea.org

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My calculations

Pacer app +- 51.2 from gold standard

2232 ( With GPS) (2283.2-2232) = +-51.2

Fitbit FREE app ( without GPS) +- 1120.2 steps from gold standard

3637 ( without WiFi or GPS) 3637-2516.8 = +- 1120.2

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