Paleo diet review (Article and video below)

With many of us in lockdown, we need to ensure good health by eating well and exercising regularly. Below, I review one of the more plausible “fad” diets, explaining whether you should try it, and why … I also have filmed a video discussing Paleo diet on YouTube (see links below). Please also checkout my new ebook also linked below. 


1. What it is?

  • The only diet that the human species is genetically adapted to (DNA)
  • Diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors
  • Consists of basic human foods eaten from over 1 million years ago
  • Based on the diet of every human till 10,000 years ago
  • The diet mimics foods humans would have consumed that long ago
  • Diet argues humans were better adapted to a diet eaten for over 1 million years
  • Diet includes large amounts of vegetables, fruits, seeds, healthy lean meats, fish, and eggs
  • Diet limits nuts, bans grains, processed meats, refined oils, and dairy.


2. Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory diet so it reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • It’s based on decades of scientific research
  • It’s recognised by medical and health professionals
  • It includes a lot of nutrient dense foods such as (fruit, vegetables),  (lean meat and seafood), (eggs and seeds), and healthy oils (olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, or coconut)
  • It eliminates inflammatory foods such as grains, dairy, refined sugars, refined oils, and processed foods
  • It may help autoimmune disorders, mental well-being, and metabolism


3. Drawbacks

  • Foods are not identical to that eaten before 10,000 years ago
  • Very low in carbohydrates so adaptation issues can be present.
  • Low in vitamin D/ calcium, due to it’s lack of dairy
  • Plant based diets are commonly low in key nutrients
  • Includes foods containing anti-nutrients such as Oxalates, in spinach


4. Who has tried it?

Blake Lively before filming “The Shallows”, attempted it, but still had butter and refined sugar which isn’t fully paleo.

Others claim they have cheated at weekends, suggesting the paleo diet is difficult to stick to. This is probably due to difficulty adapting to low carbohydrates; These are our bodies preferred fuel source.


5. Did it work for them?

Not really for most, as they didn’t fully try it, due to difficulty complying. Jeb Bush did manage to lose 30 lbs in 4 months by not consuming bread or pasta though. He was also exercising too, and perhaps he was just eating too many calories before?


6. Conclusion

The Paleo diet consists of plenty of great dietary suggestions, including limiting foods which have low nutrition value, and reducing the level of highly processed foods in the diet.

If you wish to eat healthily in general though, this diet would be hard for most to adapt to, especially those who are used to eating a high proportion of dietary carbohydrates. Lots of highly nutritious foods are banned, because they containing substances not even scientifically known to be bad. This is not overly sensible nutritionally.

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