Zone Diet- Is it healthy?  (Article and video see here)

With many of us in lockdown, we need to ensure good health by eating well and exercising regularly. Below, I review one of the more plausible “fad” diets, explaining whether you should try it, and why … I also have filmed a video discussing The Zone diet on YouTube (see links below).


1. What it is?

A diet established by Dr. Sears, inspired by reducing heart attacks in his family, which provides a tool for all to eat more healthily; Especially those who have an unbalanced diet.

If Fat and sugar blood levels are good, then you are in the zone.

2. Benefits

  • Similar to Mediterranean diet, which is known to be very healthy
  • Doesn’t ban foods, only restricts
  • It’s based on healthy eating principles and taking the best from diet
  • Considers both macro and micronutrients.
  • Provides a good scale for measuring out ingredients (hand-eye)
  • Tests good markers for inflammation (TG/HDL)

3. Drawbacks

  • Requires blood tests
  • Includes supplements which are harder to digest than oils
  • Hard to calculate food blocks ( you have to weigh food)
  • Misses out benefits with starchy carbohydrates (glycogen stores)
  • Expensive cod liver oil supplements included (over £6 from google result)

4. Conclusion

The Zone diet is based on many sound scientific principles, and provides people with a way to eat healthily. It’s very similar to the Mediterranean diet which is known to have great health benefits. Restricting carbohydrates to this extent though, and adding in supplements, seems questionable.

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