6000 view special – Thanks to all!!

1. Major thanks

Firstly, major thanks to all those who have read my blog posts, read the first line of my blog posts, followed any of the links from my blog posts, or just visited my blog’s homepage.

You all mean the world to me, as today is the first time I’ve reached 6000 views online on any blog.

2. What I do

I will repay the favour by continuing my discovery journey of trips away, reviewing (hostels, guesthouses and hotels), (movies), (ciders), and writing articles about (life challenges/journeys).

I also write the occasional article promoting (health or alcohol themed) ebooks.

Check out my latest ebook about long life recipes (link below). All my ebooks include a FREE sample, to let you try before you buy 🙂

3. What would you like to see

After every post I look at number of blog views, and how quickly that changes. From your interest and engagement, I adapt posts to meet what my readers want.

Of course I’m not perfect, so any feedback or suggestions are welcome on my blog posts or Facebook (linked below).


Any likes on this post, or any others, help me reach my next goal of 10,000 views before the end of this year. I need your feedback and help to get there !!!

Like, Follow and stay tuned … Please !!

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