Prometheus vs Prometheus 2 (Alien: Covenant) “ My favourite is the original Prometheus marginally, as it stays truer to its genre”.


Lockdown may have been amended in the UK, but I am sure you still have time for a sneaky movie every now and again. I’m comparing films, to help you select the best form of entertainment, in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? 🙂

Film introduction

(Prometheus) is a 2012 Mystery/Sci-fi, whereas (Alien:Covenant) is a 2017 Horror/Sci-fi.

What I like (Prometheus) (My rating 9.50/10)

Famous actors like Idris Elba feature in the movie, making emotions believable, and scenes more dramatic.

An Alien world is the setting, and an emphasis on discovery is present, utilising some degree of tension.

The movie plays far less on trying to be scary, succeeding to display innovation and discovery, targeting the mystery genre. Shocking moments are present though …

The creativity and excitement maintained throughout for the viewer, is quite remarkable here. Not only in evil, but in the environments shown. The character relations seem deep, and interactions are believable.


What I like (Alien: Covenant) (My rating 9.25/10)

The movie possesses good acting. Background information is detailed, allowing you to pick up from where the original Prometheus ended.

The mission is understandable from the outset. The horror element isn’t present till at least 40 minutes in, which is a shame for the genre.

When this element does occur though, it becomes quite shocking. Gore features well in the movie.

The main difference perhaps, seems character stupidity, in light of the previous mission in the original Prometheus. Perhaps Alien:Covenants’ main strength was a very clever ending. Alien:Covenant has a far more entertaining middle too.


The delay in tension or anything horror based in Alien:Covenant is a real shame. Actors seem surprisingly naive in their approach to planet exploration too.

In Prometheus, explorers also are naive, yet they take certain extra precautions.

Alien:Covenant provides a slightly better premise to the plot though, making the storyline easier to understand.

The early lack of action, renders Alien:Covenant less interesting than the original. Alien covenant does have a highly engaging ending though, which remains poignant. Alien:covenant only has drama and horror towards the end of the movie, detracting from the overall film quality.


Alien:Covenant (Prometheus 2) and (Prometheus) original are both worth a watch. Sadly though, Alien:Covenant suffers a slow start. Despite the action, favourable horror themes, and clearly understandable story, this is the weaker offering.

My favourite is the original Prometheus marginally, as it stays truer to its genre. Both films are great though.

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