#304 Dream job- choosing

Why you should read?- Unsure how to choose the correct job for you? Read on to find out… Introduction Following a chat with my landlady, it was interesting to note that her career was chosen in line with a recommendation made by a career finder tool online. Whilst on occasion in the past I have […]

#292 Requiem for a Dream 2000 Horror review “Strong ending as a shocking Horror” – (8/10).  

Introduction  Requiem for a dream is a 2000 Drama, according to IMDb. We however reviewed as a Horror, since the Drama features darker themes, and we would argue it meets the criteria for this genre. Impact  Whilst the plot develops slowly, it uses music volume well, along with several stories running simultaneously. There are frequent […]

#188 Zone Diet – is it healthy ? (Article and video see here)

Zone Diet- Is it healthy?  (Article and video see here) With many of us in lockdown, we need to ensure good health by eating well and exercising regularly. Below, I review one of the more plausible “fad” diets, explaining whether you should try it, and why … I also have filmed a video discussing The Zone diet […]

#185 iT 1 vs iT (Chapter) 2 horror movie comparison – “If short on time, skip the second…”.

iT 1 vs iT (Chapter) 2 horror movie comparison “If short on time, skip the second…”. For those of us binging on isolation movies, I’m comparing films to help you select the best form of entertainment in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? Reasea.org 🙂 Introduction “It”, the film not the word, is […]