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Following a chat with my landlady, it was interesting to note that her career was chosen in line with a recommendation made by a career finder tool online. Whilst on occasion in the past I have tried such tools, this inspired me to take a more thorough approach to assessing my future career direction.

The reason for this, was wanting to further my ambitions, and direct my efforts in an appropriate direction. I can also see potential benefits of this approach for those just starting their first job, or not enjoying their current career. I have at this point in my career experienced a variety of options, and as those readers from my recent  “The Kindest Abuse- Reflection” post (linked below- Introduction sources) will note, not all of these options have gone or lasted well. 

What I noted about tool completion, following the process outlined below, was that my variety of experiences helped rule out things that didn’t appeal to me, and better recognise my strengths and weaknesses. This compared positively to the last time I used such tools; When I haphazardly stumbled across them as a teenager. 

The article below guides you step-by-step through ideal career identification. The aim of this, is to help the reader avoid those questioning periods of “have I made the right choice ?”, and times thinking “I am sure I would be richer and happier if I had chosen to be elsewhere” … Life is not a time to regret. But a time to come to terms with the person that you, yourself, want to be.

I hope I outline one step in the process, to a journey of treasure and adventures below …

Problem size

How many people actually like their job in the UK?

To answer this question, I carried out a google search using the google search engine, with the search phrase “national job satisfaction in U.K”.

The first result was from a 2022 report on job satisfaction (standout-CV.Com- linked below- Introduction sources), which provided 3 statements indicating job satisfaction is low in the UK, when compared to other countries.

The statement supporting this, included:

“Globally, 74% of workers claim to be satisfied with their jobs”,

“According to a recent UK YouGov poll only 17% of British workers love their job”,

“More half of UK employees class themselves as being unhappy at work according to Personal Group”.

I found the final quote the most shocking, which suggests the majority of workers in the UK are unhappy at work.

What makes a job satisfying?

The reason why people are unhappy at work isn’t immediately clear however, since many factors contribute to how satisfied people feel with their jobs

Including: Home situation e.g. partner earning levels, childcare responsibilities, and also preferences for working either long or shorter hours.

And personal preference e.g. preferring job types with lower pay.

Such reasons have been highlighted by the ONS, to explain work choices based on personal circumstances. The report also highlights other factors such as under-education or over-education for the roles employees are in, outlining “16% of people aged 16 to 64 years in employment in 2017 were overeducated for their job”.

However, this report only mentions job satisfaction 3 times throughout, with “quality” jobs the preferred term. They define the term “quality” work according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), which defines decent (quality) work, as work that “delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and social protection for families, better prospects for personal development and social integration, freedom for people to express their concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives and equality of opportunity and treatment for all women and men”.

Yet, I can’t help but feel that the type of work which delivers such “quality”, should also actually make people happy, and be enjoyable to them, which was notably absent from the detailed definition adopted above. I do recognise however that the above aspects of work may improve workplace satisfaction, and that it is difficult to know what job will make you happy until you actually experience such happiness, which therefore requires you to have tried the job. From personal experience, I know how tough it can be to convince someone you are correct for a job, and therefore it isn’t practicable to test every job before coming to a final decision of what best suits you, and your situation at any given time.

Most satisfying U.K. jobs- (Including salary, and career progression)

Coming back to the standout-cv report, data is provided from Glassdoor (an anonymous website where current or previous employees review companies). I have added definitions to ensure content is clear… Glass-door shows the top 3 most satisfying job titles for UK employment as:

1 Customer success manager (A sales job involved in both customer service and sales, where the customer experience is assisted, whilst also protecting the companies interests.They help customers change from a (possibly incompetent) buyer, to an active (success)-ful product user through product support, yet they also attempt up-selling. The goal of this role is to increase customer loyalty).

2 Sales representative (A sales representative is a person whose job is to sell products or services for a company).

3 Audit manager (Audit = “an official inspection of an organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body”. An audit manager is “accountable for supervising the inside actions, methods, and practices of an organisation”).

So what are the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs?

The most rewarding and fulfilling jobs had a separate list which focuses primarily on ensuring that people feel a strong sense of purpose in their work, and (DOES NOT INCLUDE SALARY OR CAREER PROGRESSION).

1 Teacher (A teacherprepares and delivers lessons to classes of different ages and abilities, marks student/pupil work, and gives appropriate feedback, whilst maintaining achievement records).

2 Counsellor (“Counsellors work with clients experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties to help them bring about effective change and/or enhance their well-being. Clients could have issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, loss and relationship difficulties that are affecting their ability to manage life”).

3 Athletic trainer (“They evaluate the physical condition of athletes, establishing dietary and fitness plans, and use their knowledge to help the athlete perform”).

Introduction conclusion

I found it very interesting using the above online resources and data, which suggested that people in the UK generally are unhappy in their work, and that many find different jobs satisfying based on whether career progression and salary is considered important. This seems to align closely with the ONS report, which suggests personal circumstances play a key role in job satisfaction, with financial commitments playing a role in fulfilling home and work obligations. Whilst this was far from an exhaustive analysis, it provides an introduction to the concept of job satisfaction, so when we consider the best ways for people to get “rich” in the rest of the article, surveys can be understood on their merits and drawbacks appropriately. A disclaimer is provided at the base of this article to remind all readers that such surveys should not be taken as career guidance, but as insights which may prove useful for career decisions should the reader make such decisions entirely at their own risk.

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My perfect job?

To answer this question, I carried out a google search using google search engine with the search phrase “choosing my perfect job”, on 21st August 2022.

It only returned 1,320,000,000 results, in a slow (0.60 seconds).

Using ONLY the first page of (10) results, I selected results beginning with the first result below the “ads” section. Such results are listed as headings below, with survey completion guidance, and my results. I have then written brief paragraphs with a “critical point”, to indicate some pitfalls in using the surveys.

1 Career quiz – UCAS Perfect Job Quiz

Try it yourself!! = Take The UCAS Careers Quiz | Discover Your Future | UCAS

1 – You need to sign in.

2- You will be required to sign up if you do not have an existing account, using your email address and a password to access the quiz. You can check a box to say you no longer study, during the process if you aren’t a student…

3- There are a series of questions to answer, including more abstract scenarios, using a scale from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”.

4- You will be provided with 4 top matches on completion with a “job title”, “department”, and “percentage match” – shown below.


1 Education advisors and School inspectors (left side of screen)-

1st = 92% match

2 Vocational and Industrial Trainers and instructors

2nd = 90% match

3 Teaching assistants

3rd = 88% match

4 Educational support assistants

4th = 88% match

[Department = ¾ above jobs in Education assessment and support services, ¼, the 2nd result, in administration and office work]

If you click on any of the results, the job descriptions, salaries, and number of jobs in the area are provided. It also provides courses that may be appropriate to provide you with the job pre-requisites.

Critical point

The above tool is a university and colleges admission service (UCAS), and therefore is directly involved in providing guidance for progression in education, whether that be through university, college, or a degree apprenticeship. All of these options are education focused, or at least in the latter, have a combination of education and work. It is therefore possible the tool above is biased towards education and/or training careers, which my results may support.

2 Career quiz –Job-Quiz Perfect Job Quiz

No upfront warning – tries to charge you $9.99 on completion … (Caution, takes a while…)

Try it yourself!! = Career Test – Find Your Perfect Job Match in 2022 – JobQuiz

1 Click start now, and you will be asked to provide your first name.

2 It will ask you if you are ready to find your perfect job match?

3 Press the green button labelled “Let’s go”.

4 Respond to an answer that best describes you, from a list of attributes. Respond to a (yes/no) list of things you are, or are not. Progress through menus, including career desires.

5 The quiz has many sections, and is thorough, so perhaps not suitable for those in a rush.

It eventually ends with a message stating “Thank You For Being One of 2 Million+ People to Take Job-Quiz!”

6 Press “See your results”.

Results provide you with a “personality analysis”, “career matches”, and how much money it expects you to make with the corresponding career choice.

Critical point

I am not willing to pay for such tools, so will not include this in my analysis. It seemed thorough, but lacked the option for neither agree or disagree, which for some options would have reduced response accuracy, in comparison to some other quizzes.

3 Career quiz – See-my-personalityPerfect Job Quiz

Try it yourself!! =Free Career Test – find the perfect career for you – SeeMyPersonality

1 It will ask you questions regarding what you need from a career, with 5 options including “Strongly like”, “Strongly dislike”, and “Neutral”.

2 It asks a large number of questions with responses, all using the 5 option system.

3 It then asks you for basic data such as name and age, to compare you to others who have completed the test in 5 different areas. It also rates you in 3 aspects using 3 bars in a chart for 5 separate areas namely: 1 Leadership, organisation, altruism, and others (see below).

My results are shown below

Section 1 responses

1 Leadership (48), Organisation (52), Altruism (50).

“You are moderately interested in leadership and will take on leadership roles when necessary, however you will be happy to just be a member of the team as well or instead. Career choices that have the capacity for leadership but not necessarily as a requirement would suit you.

While you are able to handle a moderate amount of disorganization, you do prefer that things around you are organized and well thought out. Choose jobs that require a moderate amount of organization and planning.

You enjoy helping others and will value a career that gives you chances to help other people. However, it is not necessary for you to feel like you are assisting others all the time and you need time to work on your own skills too”.

Section 2 responses

2 Creativity (46), Analysis (60), Production (28).

“As a moderately creative person, a career that enables you to exercise your creativity will be more satisfying for you. Avoid jobs that have no creative outlets or are overly structured.

You require a moderate amount of problem solving and analysis in any job you choose. Jobs that do not have any capacity for problem solving will be dissatisfying for you.

You may be more suited to an office job, or a job involving people than an outdoors or overly physical one. You prefer to work more with your mind than with your hands”.

Section 3 responses

3 Adventure (52), Erudition (60).

“You desire a moderate amount of excitement and adventure in your career. If your job doesn’t allow for new experiences and change then you will quickly become bored with it.

You enjoy language, the written word and communication. It will help if your job has a moderate language based component to it”.

Section 4/5 Provides “Career choices to consider”

Such choices will be provided based on your skills and areas of interest. These include 10 career recommendations. Mine were: 1 Teacher, 2 Reporter, 3 Actor, 4 Childcare worker, 5 Firefighter, 6 Psychologist, 7 Accountant, 8 Actuary, 9 Database administrator or 10 librarian.

Section 5/5 Provides the option to share the above

Critical point

I like how the personality is considered when making career recommendations in this survey, and the numerous questions, help establish a clear picture. The neutral option is also better than simply agree or disagree. Career options however, do not appear relevant in some cases. There were some suggestions above which I would never choose, which shows it is not a perfect gauge of your preferences, which should form part of role suitability and selection. Norm-referenced values are interesting, and a welcome inclusion.

4- Career quiz – Prospects Job MatchPerfect Job Quiz

Try it yourself!! = Job Match | Prospects.ac.uk

1 It apparently takes less than 10 minutes, so those short on time should be happy.

2 You will have to login or register to start.

3 When you register for the first time, you will be asked some basic questions about your education level, and subject area as appropriate.

4 When you start you will be asked 26 questions, rated on scales from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

5 The results provide percentage matches, and give you a role with some keywords.

My results are shown below

You’re 86% matched to: Guide = “Creative, knowledgeable, and helpful”. I was also 86% matched to Healer = “Reassuring, sympathetic and resourceful”, however this was second on the list.

There is a list provided of jobs relating to your role. In my case “Guide”, has 39 jobs if you press “View” to see them …

This created the Guide headline “Customer-focused creatives who provide the information that people need”.

And summary (which provides job recommendations and insights into skills)

“Guides are often flexible, tactful, and accurate, with well-developed communication and research skills. Job satisfaction can be high because the results of your work are readily visible and you’ll be doing something you truly enjoy, such as working creatively with words or recommending books to read”.

“You could be working on advertising campaigns, publishing a journal, marketing a tourist destination, archiving historical documents, interpreting conference speakers, or advising students on their career choices”.

“Working on multiple projects and with different clients can be pressured at times, but it can also make a job varied and interesting”.

“Work areas highlighted include = Informing and communicating, interpreting information, publishing and advertising and information provision”.

First 4 “Guide” job recommendations

1= Academic librarian

2= Advertising account executive

3= Advertising account planner

4= Advertising copyrighter

First 3 “Healer” job recommendations

1 = Acupuncturist

2 = Adult nurse

3 = Anaesthetist

Critical point

Whilst the quiz was quick to take, and provided some interesting skill summaries with good variety by using the 6-point rating scale, some of the job recommendations didn’t seem appropriate, because they were highly varied, as shown above. I think placing someone in multiple discrete and separate categories, is not particularly precise, and therefore conclusions would be hard to draw over a best career, or even career area based on results summary provided. Results were shown in a colourful way though, and the quiz was interesting for a bit of fun.

Result 5

Provides a “how to find your perfect career match” so wasn’t included.

9 Ways To Find Your Perfect Career Match (forbes.com)

Result 6

Provides a “how to find your perfect career match”, but also features a short (is tech right for you ?) quiz. However, this is clearly biased towards solely the tech industry, so isn’t that helpful, therefore was excluded.

What Career is Right For Me? How to Find Your Dream Job (skillcrush.com)

Result 7

Provides a “how to find your perfect career match”, so wasn’t included.10 Tips for Choosing the Best Job (thebalancecareers.com)

Result 8

Provides a list of career tests which may be very useful for another article, but are beyond the scope of this article’s search strategy, as specified above …

13 Best Free Career Tests for 2022 | The Muse

Result 9

Career quiz – Good and Co Job MatchPerfect Job Quiz 5

Try it yourself !! =Career Quiz | Good&Co

1 Click “Start 3 minute quiz”, the quiz is claimed to be free and take just 3 minutes.

2 Caution!! – I could not start the quiz as the window would not display. Therefore quiz results could not be obtained.

3 This result will be excluded from my analysis.

Critical point 

The quiz would not open with my iPad or windows laptop, so it seems there must be a tech issue currently being experienced.

10- Career quiz – The Princeton Review Job MatchPerfect Job Quiz 6

Try it yourself!! =Career Quiz | The Princeton Review

1 No sign up is required to begin the quiz, which presents you with a series of “would you rather”, questions.

2 From questions #13 onwards, the questions become related to choices based on your values.

3 Once all questions are completed, you will be presented with 2 tabs: Namely “Quiz Results”, and “Recommended Careers”. 


MY RESULTS SUMMARY – Quiz results tab

My colour for both “interests” and “styles” was BLUE from the list below.

RED: Expediting GREEN: Communicating BLUE: Planning YELLOW: Administrating

Results will give you 2 results, namely interests and styles, in which styles relates to (your workplace strengths), and interests describes (types of activity that attracts you), both interests and styles provide you a specific colour, and summary paragraph.

Based on my “BLUE” style and interests, below is the summary paragraph for each.


BLUE = “People with blue styles prefer to perform their job responsibilities in a manner that is supportive and helpful to others with a minimum of confrontation. They prefer to work where they have time to think things through before acting. People with blue style tend to be insightful, reflective, selectively sociable, creative, thoughtful, emotional, imaginative, and sensitive. **Usually they thrive in a cutting edge, informally paced, future-oriented environment**. You will want to choose a work environment or career path in which your style is welcomed and produces results”.


BLUE = “People with blue interests like job responsibilities and occupations that involve creative, humanistic, thoughtful, and quiet types of activities. Blue Interests include abstracting, theorizing, designing, writing, reflecting, and originating, which often lead to work in editing, teaching, composing, inventing, mediating, clergy, and writing.

MY RESULTS SUMMARY – Recommended Careers tab

Your “interests” colour will be stated with summary paragraph as before, and based on this you’ll be presented with a long list (Approx 75), of potentially appropriate careers.

Mine was as follows: Actor, Animator, Anthropologist, Antiques Dealer, Archaeologist, Artist, Career Counsellor, Child Care Worker, (Clergy–Priest, Rabbi and Minister), College Administrator, Comedian, Cosmetologist, Curator, Dentist, Disc Jockey, Editor, Fashion Designer, Film Director, Film Editor, Graphic Designer, Guidance Counsellor, Human Resources Manager, Interior Designer, Inventor, Journalist, Librarian, Management Consultant, Market Researcher, Media Specialist, Musician, Nurse, Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Para-legal, Pharmacist, Philosopher, Photographer, Physical Therapist, Physician, Political Scientist, Product Designer, Professor, Psychologist, Public Health Administrator, Book Publishing Professional, Researcher, School Administrator, Secretary, Social Worker, Sociologist, Speech Therapist, Teacher, Travel Agent, City Planner, Writer, Chiropractor, Public Relations, Substance Abuse Counsellor, Trial Lawyer, Hospice Nurse, Landscape Architect, Optometrist, Website Designer, Digital Artist, Mediator, Small Business Owner, Technical Support Specialist, Web Art Director, Web Editor, Consultant, Florist, Media Planner or Set Designer.

The above are all provided with links which, when followed, take you to pages that outline the careers “day in the life”, training required to meet pre-requisites, and the long term career outlook.

Critical point 

The questions require a choice between 2 things in order to choose the one that you prefer, however in some cases neither may be well suited to you and your interests. Some of the questions ask you what it is right to do, rather than what would you do, which may be 2 different answers based on confidence levels etc. This may lead to response inconsistency. For my answers, I answered based on what I would do, rather than what it is “right” to do.

My completion order of this quiz after similar quizzes should be noted, as answers have been more carefully considered than quiz 1, in which I had less prior exposure to various question types, to consider appropriate answers to them.

Career recommendations provided from this quiz, relate a lot to my interests. Most I have tried hobbies that are related to them, or at some point in my life, I have considered a career in them.

What is my dream career overall?


Research in statistical analysis defines “Agreement” as “When two instruments or techniques are used to measure the same variable… Agreement between measurements … degree of concordance between two … measurements”. Whilst we are not using any level of statistical analysis beyond frequency, we shall use the term “Agreement”, based on what the above tools state i.e. The same job title or meaning across 2 or more different surveys will be defined as agreement. Where tied in frequency, results will be separated based on level of “Agreement”. Where the job title has 2 words, the frequency will have 2 separate numbers, one per word. These numbers will be averaged in the right column below titled “(Most frequent/ greatest match percentage) = Agreement”, to eliminate bias due to longer job titles. Where one word alone comprises a job title this will be ranked individually.

The table below shows ONLY the most frequent results from the quizzes above…

Quiz numberQuiz Result (Frequency- all quizzes)(Most frequent/ greatest match percentage) = Agreement
1Education advisor (1.5 av), School inspector (1.5 av)Education advisor (1.5), School inspector (1.5)
3Teacher (2), Reporter (1), Actor (2), Childcare worker (2 av), Firefighter (1), Psychologist (2), Accountant (1), Actuary (1), Database administrator (2.5 av), Librarian (3)Administrator (4) Librarian (3) Database administrator (2.5)

4Academic librarian (2 av) Advertising account executive (3 av) Advertising account planner (3 av) Advertising copyrighter (2 av) Acupuncturist (1) Adult nurse (2 av) Anaesthetist (1)Librarian 3 Advertising account executive 3 Advertising account Planner 3 Advertising 3 Accounts 3 Executive 3 Planner 3 Nurse 3
10Actor (2), Animator (1), Anthropologist (1), Antiques Dealer (1 av), Archaeologist (1), Artist (2), Career Counsellor (2 av), Childcare Worker (2 av), (ClergyPriest, Rabbi and Minister) (1 av), College Administrator (2.5 av), Comedian (1), Cosmetologist (1), Curator (1), Dentist (1), Disc Jockey (1 av), Editor (3), Fashion Designer (3.5 av), Film Director (2 av), Film Editor (2.5 av), Graphic Designer (3.5 av), Guidance Counsellor (2 av) Human Resources Manager (1 av), Interior Designer (3.5 av), Inventor (1), Journalist (1), Librarian (3), Management Consultant (1.5 av), Market Researcher (1.5 av), Media Specialist (2 av), Musician (1), Nurse (3), Nutritionist (1), Occupational Therapist (2 av), Para-legal (1), Pharmacist (1), Philosopher (1), Photographer (1), Physical Therapist (2 av), Physician (1), Political Scientist (1 av), Product Designer (3.5 av), Professor (1), Psychologist (2), Public Health Administrator (2.33 av), Book Publishing Professional (1 av), Researcher (2), School Administrator (3 av), Secretary (1), Social Worker (2 av), Sociologist (1), Speech Therapist (2 av), Teacher (2), Travel Agent (1 av), City Planner (2 av), Writer (1), Chiropractor (1), Public Relations (1.5 av), Substance Abuse Counsellor (1.67 av), Trial Lawyer (1 av), Hospice Nurse (2 av), Landscape Architect (1 av), Optometrist (1), Website Designer (3.5 av), Digital Artist (1.5 av), Mediator (1), Small Business Owner (1 av),Technical Support Specialist (1.67 av), Web Art Director (2.67 av), Web Editor (3 av), Consultant (2), Florist (1), Media Planner (2.5 av), Set Designer (3.5 av)Designer (6) Administrator (4) Fashion designer (3.5) Graphic Designer (3.5) Interior Designer (3.5) Product Designer (3.5) Website Designer (3.5) Set Designer (3.5) School Administrator (3) College Administrator (2.5) Public Health Administrator (2.33)

Overall result =
1 Designer (6) 2 Administrator (4) 3 Librarian (3) [Executive, Planner, Accounts, Advertising and Nurse, only most frequent in source 4 with score 3 or above, hence librarian only result for 3rd].

Limitations of approach

Using frequency to assess agreement, means job title words which are more common are biased towards, in addition to tools which offer more results, since despite not being necessarily better, they provide a greater word frequency, and therefore influence scores to the greatest extent. To reduce the effect of greater frequency, in cases where results are tied in score, results with greater Agreement levels are prioritised. Only using the first 10 google results may not present all the best quizzes, so some useful insights may have been missed.


Descriptive Summary

Setting =Office, Cutting edge, Future-oriented, Influenced by people.

Roles = Mind more than hands, Abstract-thinking, Team member, Not leader.

Social = Some time alone, Helping others sometimes.

Skills = Written language component, Organization, Planning, Creative outlet, Thinking, Problem solving, Analysis, Knowledgeable, Communication, Research, Informing, Information, Reflective, Selectively sociable, Emotional, Imaginative, Sensitive, Humanistic (Belief in people’s good nature), Thoughtful, Quiet, and Designing.

Needs = Time to think, Regular new experiences and change, to prevent boredom.

Avoid = Confrontation, Fully-structured workplaces.

Ideas= Journal publishing (Academic/ Research/ Journalist), Student advising, Historical document archiving.

Statistical Summary

Our above analysis identified the most ideal job match for myself as “Designer”. Secondly, as “Administrator”, and Thirdly as “Librarian”, Based on tool-identified jobs which best match my profile outlined above in the “Descriptive summary” section.

“Student support” and “Academic research” jobs I think, should also be considered in addition to journalism however, based on the descriptive summary above.


The above article highlights ways to identify career choices that may assist you in your career search. The next article will take such career choices further, to identify job requirements and vacancies, prior to job application and interview stages. Please look at the “Food for Thought” section below, prior to reading the next article in this mini-series.

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Introduction sources

Job satisfaction statistics 2022 | UK + global report (standout-cv.com)

Job quality indicators in the UK – hours, pay and contracts – Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk)

What Is a Customer Success Manager? (hbr.org)

What are Customer Success Managers, and Why are They Important? – Parlor

SALES REPRESENTATIVE | meaning, definition in Cambridge English Dictionary

AUDIT | meaning, definition in Cambridge English Dictionary

Job role: Audit Manager – Accountancy Age

Secondary school teacher job profile | Prospects.ac.uk

Counsellor | Health Careers

Athletic Trainer Salary in UK – Check-a-Salary Latest Data (checkasalary.co.uk)

Surveys/quizzes used


Take The ‘Buzz Quiz’ Careers Test. What Job Could You Do? (ucas.com)

Take The UCAS Careers Quiz | Discover Your Future | UCAS


Data Analysis

Ranganathan, P., Pramesh, C.S. and Aggarwal, R. (2017) ‘Common pitfalls in statistical analysis: Measures of agreement’, Perspectives in Clinical Research, 8(4), pp. 187-191.

The Kindest abuse – Reflection

The Kindest Abuse – Reflection – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Food for Thought

1) State 1 thing you liked about the article above, in the comments section below.

2) State 1 thing you would like improved, in the comments section below.

3) State 1 thing you would like to see in future articles.

4) Consider 1 relatable experience that the words above remind you of.

5) Do you enjoy your current job overall?

6) If you could change 1 thing about your life, what would it be?

7) What was your favourite moment of the previous week?

8) Why was that your favourite moment?

Closing statement 

Reaseaorg blog is working on its content to enhance viewer experience. Over the previous few years, we have been gaining momentum until recently, and are currently looking at ways to continue to improve user experience of our blog. 

We deeply thank all 49 of our followers, especially those who are still reading at this point in this article. You really do shape our content, and maintain our focus on producing content which appeals to our audience. Based on WordPress insights, we have learnt that certain types of product reviews are most popular, and our movie reviews are in need of the greatest modification to enhance viewing statistics. 

Please feel free to advertise related content in the comments below, but all I ask is that you please be respectful. I have had some comments in the previous few months, which have gone against the spirit of my blog. 

That is to be a friendly place for fans of Horror, movies, drinks, and adventures, and particularly those who are interested in writing or reading engaging content. 

It is not a place for those who posted links of an explicit nature, reducing visibility of helpful comments, providing insight for my future blog writing. 

I thank all of those who have liked my articles, but I won’t ask you to press like on any of my content, unless you do actually like it, as it helps me to gather further accurate information about the types of articles you, the reader, actually would like to see moving forward. 

Please comment below with ideas for future content, or any thoughts not covered by the points outlined above.

I will continue to post this statement on articles to come, to ensure optimal visibility for viewers. A big thank you to Neil Patel, for producing a helpful video on search engine optimisation (SEO), to assist my content popularity. I hope it helps anyone else who has content online to get their voice heard, be it through writing or video, or other creative forms of expression online. 

Link to SEO video for those interest in getting more blog views here!!

Based on insights gained, I have increased my blog content article length, introduced a “food for thought” section to encourage creator-viewer engagement, introduced a “why you should read” tag-line under each article title, added a closing statement which will be used on future articles for the same purpose of updating you on how the blog is progressing, and increased content from my critical eye. 

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Innocent Berry protein Smoothie Review “You get what you pay for …. A lot …. (8.5/10).  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)


Constantine (2005)

Constantine (2005) Horror movie review – “More fantasy, than Horror” – (6.0/10). – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Hostel part 3 (2011)

Hostel: Part III (2011) – (6.5/10). – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Hostel – Part 2 – 2007

Hostel: Part II (2007) Horror movie review  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Apartment 1BR

Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)


Vivarium (2019) (Horror/Mystery/Sci -fi) review – “Slightly strange happenings, and relationship turmoil” – (8.0/10).  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Spring (2014)

Spring (2014) Horror movie review – “Stunning, yet ghastly” – (8.5/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Sun Don’t shine (2012)

Sun Don’t shine (2012) Horror movie review – “Psychological and atmospheric” – (7.5/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Four lions

Four Lions (2010)  “Witty in places, lost my interest at times” – (6.5/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Requiem for a dream

Requiem for a Dream 2000 Horror review “Strong ending as a shocking Horror” – (8/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Silent hill (2006)

Silent hill 2006 Horror movie review – (8.5/10) – “Thought provoking, gory and action-packed”.  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Jumanji- the next level (2019)

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) “Surprisingly funny and light-hearted” – (8.0/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

The wolf of snow hollow

The Wolf of snow hollow Horror review -“Entertaining, with some tension at times” – (7/10).  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Blog achievements

20,000 views – Thank you viewers 🙂   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Cider reviews

Leckford Estate 2020 vintage – Cox’s apple cider medium dry review – “Some natural variety, but lacking anything impactful” – (8.25/10).  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Sidra El Gaitero semi-seca cider review – “Vibrant, lively, and well balanced”- (9.0/10).   – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Christmas Crafty nectar No. 7 Craft cider review !! – “Well rounded and Oaky” – (9/10).  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Kopparberg Spiced apple cider review “Distinctive, but dull” – (6.5/10).  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Henry Westons Medium dry “cloudy” vintage cider review – (8.75/10) “Tangy and woody offering. Not unique though”. – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Henry Westons vintage “aged finish” review 

Henry Westons vintage “medium dry Oak aged” review 

Westons old Rosie cloudy – good acidity levels 

Bulmer’s cloudy – with lasting weak acidity 

Restaurant reviews

The George and Dragon hotel review (Bar dining) – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

The Green room restaurant review – Colchester (4/5)  – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Hostel/Hotel reviews

Dene house, Great Yarmouth- 4 star Guesthouse review ( Room Filby) – (9.5/10) “Spacious, fresh and well supplied room in a practical, ideal location. – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

High Beach Guesthouse Worthing review (Room 4) – 3 Star (6.5/10). “Great value stay in Worthing prime location. Plenty of tea and breakfast offerings, compensated for slight details missed”. – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

Hartington YHA hostel Room 7 then 20 review (7/10) ” Many small issues, but really low price, and possibly the best holiday location in Derbyshire” . ( Brace yourself – extensive review …) – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)


Tokyo Olympics 2020 – Reasonedandseasoned (reasea.org)

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Career, choices, what, job, is, right, for, me, jobquiz, best, way, to, get, rich, Job, satisfaction, how, can, I, get, rich, Reasea-org, Life, Challenges, You-Gov, Most, rewarding, Fulfilling, satisfying, Customer, Success, Manager, Salary, Progression, ONS, Sales Representative, Audit, Manager, Teacher, Counsellor, Athletic, trainer, Designer, Administrator, Librarian, Quiz, UCAS, Perfect, Job, Education, Advisors, School, Inspectors,Vocational, Industrial, Trainers, Instructors, Teaching, Assistant, Education, Support, Advisor, See-my-personality, Prospects, guide, healer, Leadership, Organisation, Altruism, Creativity, Analysis, Production, good, and, co, Adventure, Erudition, The Princeton, Review, Reasoned, seasoned, setting, role, skills, needs, ideas, Leadership, planning, administrating.


Please note, the guidance above is based on a number of online surveys, however no guarantee can be made that the career identified using the tools above will be most appropriate for you. Please accept this article as a starting point to establishing options for your career, and in no way as career advice. The author of this blog is in no way associated with any of the sources listed above, and takes no responsibility for advice they give.

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  1. Finding and actually getting a dream job can be extremely difficult. For me, I’m 51, been disabled for the last 20 years, and no recent job experience. As I have found out, finding ANY job is extremely difficult. Even when I just graduated from college. I do like the career tests to see what jobs we like. It can be a good guide. You also have a lot of great statistics too. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very welcome, glad you liked it. I know it was a long read so thanks for sticking with some of it at least 🙂 And yes any job is hard to find sadly as people can be very picky when it comes to people they don’t know.


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