#303 Orchard English Vintage Cider 2021 review – “It didn’t appeal to my taste, but had some interesting elements to it- (6.0/10)”.

[Why you should read … Looking for a good value stronger supermarket cider? Not sure if the quality of cheaper cider is up to fussy taste-buds? Then read on for discovery] The Good  “Fairly practical”.  “Good value”. “Pleasant medium dryness”. “Noticeable bitterness”.  “Distinctive character”.  “Session-able”. “Quite smooth”. “Natural taste”. “Developing dry aftertaste”. The Bad  “Weak […]

#302 Under the silver lake (2018) (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie review “Cleverly thought-provoking and somewhat psychological Horror/Romance” -(8.0/10).

Why you should read? Are you a fan of variety including: Romance, Mysteries, Setting changes, Pets, and Horror mechanisms in thought-provoking, and somewhat psychological movies? Then look no further… Introduction  According to IMDb, Under the Silver lake is a 2018 (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie.  Impact  The unusual features early on, with some low level gore and character […]

#300 Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).  

Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).  Apartment complex, breaking rules, Los Angeles, David Marmor, American, horror, film The Good  “Psychologically challenging”.  “Suffering features”. “Paranoia”.  “Good sound effects”. “Light used well to symbolise emotions”. “Instills viewer fear”. “Good acting”. The Bad  “Predictable ending”.  Introduction  Apartment 1BR is a 2019 (Drama, Horror, Thriller) movie, […]