Dene house, Great Yarmouth- 4 star Guesthouse review ( Room Filby) –

“Spacious, fresh and well supplied room, in a practical, ideal location. Simply put, for a holiday stay in Great Yarmouth, you should definitely stay there”. – 4 star (9.5/10).

The Good

“Ideal access to seafront with short walk”.
“TV picture, great quality and reliable”.
“Reliable, free WiFi”.
“Lovely fresh and spacious room”.
“Pristine condition”.
“En-suite for great price”.
“Comfortable bed”.
“Room and bathroom spotless”.
“Thorough tea provisions”.
“Ample choices and luxury touches”.
“Easy to access, practically located room”.
“Heater in en-suite”.
“Best black pudding I’ve ever had !”.
“Hugely diverse breakfast offering”.
“Breakfast cooked close to perfectly”.
“Delightfully kind owner”.

The Bad

“Shower pressure a little low”.
“Some road-noise”.
“No sea view from window”.
“No decaf option”.
“Stiff bathroom door”.


Location was very close to a shop for convenience, and only a very short walk from the seafront. Around the town there were plenty of museums, statues, history plaques, and historical structures amongst amusements and many other attractions including adventure golf, the sea life centre, and 2 piers.
The hotel isn’t that far from the station, so was walkable from a train commute, preventing the need to splash out on a taxi.


On entry, the place felt very homely and my room presented well with good size and plenty of light flooding in. Whilst it was the front room, meaning you could see and hear the road, the double bed, en-suite bathroom, and modern decor, made up for that well. It was easily fixed anyway, by drawing the curtains without too much residual road noise.

The man who introduced me was very welcoming, supplying the WiFi password on checkin, along with my key. This helped me feel even more at home. He directed me to my room, so I had no difficulty finding it. The fact that a key, not keycard was supplied, meant this couldn’t wear out unlike a card, which was a relief. The door lock worked easily and wasn’t stiff. All good 🙂
The feel of the place was light and airy. The man also made an effort to know the purpose of my journey, which I respect a lot.

There wasn’t much noise from other guests throughout the stay thankfully.


Breakfast time was provided on checkin aswell, combined with a guest information leaflet. This made things easy to establish early on. A 3 star guesthouse in Worthing, known as the High Beach Guesthouse, had a system to fill out breakfast menu options on arrival. This eliminates the issue of not knowing what to expect, but here, the system worked equally well by taking my order in the morning. I had the luxury of choosing from a good range of options too.

The leaflet detailed checkout time of 10 am, and other useful information. This included the WiFi password aswell.

Breakfast was served between 8:30 and 9:15 am, which suited me perfectly as a guest on holiday. Perhaps a business person may find the range a little late or restrictive however. I’d suggest the 7-9 am range of Worthing more helpful for business guests. It just depends on the target audience really. Either way, for me this was ideal.

A menu was provided first with plenty of options. There was a continental and English breakfast choice, in addition to alternatives such as sandwiches and toasts featuring multiple types of fish including herring and haddock.

The full English was available with tomato, mushrooms, eggs ( poached, fried or scrambled), bacon, (hash browns or fried bread), sausage, and black pudding. Neither black pudding or fried bread were offered in Worthing. The apple juice option was also appreciated here.

(Apple or Orange juice) were offered, aswell as (Tea or Coffee). It was great to have the option for both.

A strategically placed side tray, including mini butter blocks, plenty of jams, and preserves, was offered. Condiments included a salt and pepper pot. Neither was necessary though because of how well seasoned everything tasted. Cups and saucers were available, supplied alongside a glass for fruit juice. Lots of spoons for stirring accompanied this.

Plenty of Marmalade, marmite, and jam was supplied.

Both brown and tomato sauce was offered which was great. Plenty of types of cereal were available including Frosties. White and brown bread were present too which was excellent. Plenty of sugar and milk was supplied to help empty the teapot. This provided at least 2 lovely cups of tea.

The canteen atmosphere was lovely; Aided with sea and flower decoration themes, complementing each other well. These colours worked in harmony, creating a distinctive atmosphere. The owner made a real effort to chat to me too, which made me feel very at home.

My full breakfast complement included: 2 bacon rashers, 1 sausage, 1 black pudding, 1 fried egg, 1 hash brown, with a few mushrooms.

The bacon was tasty and well cooked, nothing greasy. The sausage was very tender and tasty. The black pudding was the best I’d ever had, expressed in a large portion size. My fried egg was runny in it’s core yet a little firm on the outside of the yolk, which to me, was perfection. The Hash brown was delightful and tasty, with plenty of seasoning and texture. The Mushrooms were a little firm, but very tasty still. Nothing was greasy.

Plenty of butter was supplied. Eggs had fried, scrambled or poached options like in Worthing. Overall the breakfast was very nicely setup. The owner made a real effort to make me feel comfortable at breakfast, but left enough time to give independence. For me, it was a great balance appearing very luxurious and professional.

Cooking and cleaning

In the en-suite, 5 towels were supplied to the room, which would have been ideal for 2 guests. Much better than the Afton of Eastbourne. For me, it was ample. It was a shame the door was so stiff, which meant I was reluctant to use the lock. This may be uncomfortable for some couples. It is a common issue however, as seen in many other places such as the Afton.

2, (large by many hotel standards), bottles of: (shampoo and conditioner) and (shower gel) were provided, accompanied with a small bar of soap. These were more than sufficient for my stay. Whilst I’d have preferred more squeezable tubes, these worked fine on shaking.

There was even a shower cap, and 2 kits I had never even seen before including a vanity kit ? and a sewing kit ? Both again weren’t expected, showing great attention to detail.

Thankfully, there was a shelf for toiletries of glorious size and cleanliness. Along with this, there was also a small bin in the en-suite which perfected things.

A hairdryer was provided in the drawer closest to the bedroom door, which was again ideal. Even a bible was supplied. By this point though, I already had plenty of faith anyway.

The shower offered 2 knobs for adjustment. Neither of these were stiff. This is my preferred system, since temperature and power adjustment cannot interfere and overlap with separate knobs.
The shower adjustment settings changed easily, although the temperature had considerable delay following setting alteration, to actually respond. Pressure was on 3 fixed settings, neither seemed to change pressure at all. This was slightly low, much like at the Afton. The lowest pressure setting, ranged from cold to cold at any temperate adjustment, the middle made the temperature pleasant from about 5-7, and the highest was just too hot on any number.

At first, this was difficult to get used to, but the pressure was sufficient at the correct temperature for a pleasant shower. There was no backlog during draining, and the temperature once corrected, stayed consistent.

The shower head was at fixed height, so not ideal for people very tall or short. I was okay, fortunately as I am neither. The angle of the head, could be altered through 360 degrees which I found handy.
The shower operated quietly, unlike some which can get very annoyingly loud.

Chilling in your room

Whilst the room door didn’t automatically lock on closing, it was easy to lock using the key provided.

The Ideal hanger number is 5 or more for a single room. Since the room was double, 4 hangers were provided per guest. This is close to what I consider the perfect 10, between 2 guests. It was better than 3 in Worthing… Just.
The wardrobe was certainly large enough, providing plenty of storage with a cupboard beside. Everything looked new and clean, which was fantastic.

The room size meant storage would never become a problem, unless you invited the queen over !
My contacts aren’t quite as civilised…
One bin was provided in the room, which was of good size and more than sufficient. This again looked new.

a) Tea provisions

A labelled scale, 1.7 litre capacity kettle, was supplied. That gets full marks and was double Worthing ! 2 large mugs were also supplied along with 2 small and decorative tea set cups. The layout was great on a spotless tray. Even a little teapot was supplied.
Despite all this detail, nothing felt cluttered. It was a true masterclass. With 2 silver teaspoons, and a tray to place used teabags on, things seemed great.

18 fairtrade white sugar sachets were supplied, along with 5 sweeteners. Great to see both in plentiful supply. 3 normal teabags were supplied, which was good, albeit a tad low. Fortunately, with the addition of flavoured teabags, this soon tallied up brilliantly.

I couldn’t believe it…

Green, Earl grey, Chamomile, and Berry were all supplied as teabag types. This was sublime.

With provision of hot chocolate, some coffee, and 4 semi-skimmed milk sachets, things were ideal. I rarely say ideal for tea provisions, but they’d honestly thought of virtually everything.
But nothing is perfect. Decaf options and tea biscuits weren’t considered. Tea biscuits could be seen in the Days Inn Bristol, and in Worthing, so this would be a good thing to incorporate.

b) Mirrors and technology

There were at least 2, 3/4 length mirrors in the en-suite which was great. They were virtually spotless, which was fantastic. In the living quarters, there was a small mirror on the desk. Perhaps ideal for doing makeup or hair-brushing

… Mostly the latter for me …

Overall the mirrors were excellent in placement and size.

A comfy desk stall was provided, along with 2 equally comfortable chairs either side of a wooden feature table. The layout was formal and fabulous.

WiFi logged in instantly, with just the passcode provided in the leaflet. It was reliable and clear throughout. This allowed YouTube songs to play smoothly, and connected without a hitch. Programs on iPlayer also played instantly without buffering. Things were getting super-exciting.

The TV turned on responsively, with a press of the clearly marked “on” button.
The picture quality was great, and the signal remained totally reliable throughout viewing. The channels could be easily changed too. How amazing compared to the Copthorne at Sheffield, which couldn’t manage this.
The TV size wasn’t huge, but was perfect for the bed position and distance from the screen.

4 plug sockets were provided, which was plenty for my charging requirements. All light switches worked, and the lights had svelte styling.

The bed was very comfortable, and double pillows were provided. Whilst my preference was just one, enough were there to have a perfect nights sleep.


The room price at just £26, was extremely good value including breakfast, WiFi, and a double room. I felt immediately treated like royalty. It was simply the best 🙂 It was great to have breakfast included, especially once considering just how cheap the stay was anyway.


Spacious, fresh and well supplied room, in a practical, ideal location. Simply put, for a holiday stay in Great Yarmouth, you should definitely stay there.

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  1. Having hostel reviews is such a great idea. When I first began blogging I started writing reviews of the hostels I stayed in, but now I’ve aged out. Im too old for hostels😭. Great review… and they give you tea options! You are treated like royalty. With a price like that, it cant be beat.

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