Days inn hotel review Bristol (4/10) ( Room 123)

The good “A good price for a pleasant and practical roomspace”
The bad ” a good setting, location and modernisation throughout was lacking”
The ugly ” Powercut both Friday and Saturday night”

The hotel had a distinctly dated feel which was detracted from by the setting and facilities. This was countered by a practical room space without sufficient storage.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere was relaxed and quiet. No running tots stampeding along the corridors late at night or disturbing banter from tipsy individuals weaving their way back to their rooms. The feel was old fashioned and needed a little sprucing up. Road noise perhaps detracted a little from the ambient noise although this could not be helped due to the motorway location.
I do not feel the location was good since although it provided easy access to Bristol via the motorway it’s distance still meant a considerable drive for Bristol arrival. Many of the other hotels I have stayed in have been close to the city centre which greatly helped with commuting arrangements so this was a bit of a let down.

Chilling in your room

For relaxing the room decoration was a little dated. The room tea provisions were highly pleasant with the very welcome sugar cousin of the tea accompanying biscuit. This had been lacking at the previous hotels I had been staying in including the roundhouse at Bournemouth and the Mercure at Swansea.

A definite thumbs up!!

There was also a limited yet apparent choice of tea including just PG tips and Yorkshire. No earl grey option was provided as was the case in Wales so selection was slightly more limited. The kettle was of an appropriate size along with the mugs.
The room for brewing was serviced very well therefore with my only slight quibble with the lack of information on who serviced the room. This is good to know so the person can be appropriately thanked yet is only a small aspect of the service I feel.

Room Wifi was easy to connect to “as detailed in the room guide” and it worked well throughout most of my stay excluding the times without power !!!

A small TV was provided which was similar in size to the roundhouse Bournemouth. It worked well and did not suffer from an excessive interruption of service as experienced there.

Again it didn’t work without power during the multiple powercuts !!!

The channel changed easily with a fully operational remote and due to the rooms body shape and reasonable, yet modest size the TV was sufficiently large.

The bed was comfortable and I slept cosily and very well. The sheets were appropriate for the time of year. The pillow provided was comfortable because only one was supplied per sleeping position which I prefer. The provision of only 1 chair was a little basic however for a 3 person room.
The room provided had both a double and single bed which provided ample sleeping space. For practicality however it may prove difficult for some tenants to decide who should get the larger bed.

Cloth hanging amenities were also lacking since only 5 hangers were provided. This for one person may be adequate for a short stay however 10 appears a more sensible number especially between 2 or 3 guests.

Community areas

There were no community areas clearly signposted on the room information booklets unlike at the roundhouse and the corridors looked very dull not suggesting of anything special. The hotel appeared significantly smaller than many I have previously stayed in and reception did not possess an accompanying bar. The accompanying seating area was sufficient however for a moderate sized grouping.

Washing and cleaning

For cleaning the shower was good when you could see what you were doing. The bathroom with it’s compact size meant that towels were close to the shower and sink resulting in ease of access. This meant a lack of dripping onto the floors.
The nozzle pressure was appropriate for an effective clean and temperature was certainly sufficiently high. Unfortunately however this was difficult to adjust especially since only 1 multifunctional nozzle for both temperature and pressure was provided.

Keeping things tidy was tricky due to no under bed storage or drawers. This did feel like an overlooked aspect of the stay and does therefore ideally need development.


Prices online listed around 40 pounds for the night suggests that this hotel has some merits in terms of value. The noise is evident from the M5 however and no interesting view is apparent from the window. The room provided was good for almost everything except a modern feel and intermittent power. The power issues made things a real let down. I would therefore suggest that what you get is good value subject to stable circuitry. With the little extras supplied this felt even more the case.

Customer service

Customer service on arrival was quite possibly the worst I have experienced so far. I was unable to get checked in since my booking was apparently under a different name even when I gave the name of the person I was staying with the staff could not help.
In fairness group bookings can cause a bit of an issue although I wasn’t impressed with the fact that only 1 key was available per room anyway.

This was a 3 person room !!!

An actual key was provided rather than a keycard which although still worked well, felt a little old school.
There was a powercut both Friday and Saturday night with Friday’s just for our room. This suggested a fault was known about but not rectified the first time. This meant I could not get showered on my second night staying there and had serious trouble finding the toilet at nighttime !!! This is not acceptable for a hotel stay.


A good price for a pleasant and occasionally practical roomspace. The setting, location and modernisation throughout however were not very desirable. Outside of the room the lack of interesting community spaces and labelled facilities just left you wanting more. The powercut situation did it for me though. It is not acceptable for over 2 nights of a 3 night stay to have a persistent issue with electricity. Overall then a bit disappointing.

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