#9 Torquay backpackers hostel review (7/10)- “A spacious hostel that attempts to appear homely. It has good facilities and potential”.

Torquay backpackers hostel review ( 7/10) “A spacious, hostel that attempts to appear homely”. The atmosphere From the outset the atmosphere was a little closed. There were clearly people living there who seemed like they had been there forever. It was difficult therefore to integrate effectively into their milieu. The hostel was a little dark […]

#8 Torquay backpackers – my booking – “Temporarily homeless, but full of young spirit !”.

Torquay backpackers hostel – my story … After arriving just in time to get changed ready for work, I wanted to get checked in quickly to avoid lateness. The man recognised my name from a confusing run of phone calls the previous day. In the first I asked a business called the amigo backpackers hostel“Can […]

#7 Torquay cabin with a tiger (4/10)- “mostly drama-free stay in an outside cabin, which was not booked or expected”.

Le papillon Torquay hostel review. (4/10) ” Quaint and quirky hostel with eccentricity and slight confusion.” The atmosphere The atmosphere was pure intrigue. No other word can describe it. It was like going into a country farmhouse which was built in another age. On arrival you notice a large, setback from the road, white building […]

#6 Premium vintage cider 2015 from Herefordshire by Jonathan Blair – “moderately acidic, pleasantly effervescent golden dry cider” ( H. Weston and sons) review (6.5/10).

Premium vintage cider 2015 from Herefordshire by Jonathan Blair ( H. Weston and sons) review (6.5/10) Packaging The black label contrasts with the white text beautifully with a subtle gold to match the amber hue of the fluid. The font is traditional to match the vintage theme. On the corner is the bit that gets […]

#5 Dagon – Like a door. Action when opening and closing but does nothing inbetween (6/10).

Dagon film review (6/10) Setting the scene The scene setting is pretty obscure from the outset starting with a real shock perhaps like a real horror should. Well at least a glimpse of that all important action from the film climax to entice you in. This film sucks you in with a firm tug from […]

#4 Rekorderlig cider bottles review – “Very pleasant cider with a smooth Apple tone, provided with fizz and enjoyment” – (8/10).

Made from the purest spring water from Vimmerby Sweden since 1996. Packaging The Swedish cider is 2.25 UK units and is served in bottles of 500ml. It was purchased from an off-license in Nottingham and is the rekorderlig premium apple cider. It is 4.5 percent volume so has relatively modest alcohol content and is recommended […]

#3 Igloo backpackers hostel Nottingham 6 person dorm review – “Attempting to be organised and Eco-friendly, missing practical elements”- (5/10).

Igloo  hostel Nottingham review ( barn 6 man) (5/10) The atmosphere There was a positive atmosphere from the outset in the communal kitchen with a vibrant board of discounts and local places. There were also helpful labels on food items in kitchen cupboards. Co-residents were polite so plenty of socialisation and friend making could take […]

#2 Homestay Bristol hostel review- “Great value with a developing and highly promising service” – (8/10).

Homestay Bristol hostel review (8/10) “Great value with good experience” The atmosphere The atmosphere was very communal, hospitable and welcoming from the word go. The staff on reception were friendly and helpful directing me to where I would be staying and pointing out the rooms. On entry I was the only person in my dorm […]