Torquay backpackers hostel – my story …

After arriving just in time to get changed ready for work, I wanted to get checked in quickly to avoid lateness. The man recognised my name from a confusing run of phone calls the previous day.

In the first I asked a business called the amigo backpackers hostel
“Can I have a quote for 2 nights stay to which he replied 40 pounds”.

I then checked up reviews and saw how tenants had accused the owner of being impolite and unable to run a business !!!

After looking up alternatives I found another hostel called Torquay backpackers. After getting a similar quote from a lady on the phone I decided to book there. All was confirmed and arranged which was great.

I felt relaxed minding my own business reading an online article when my mobile rang.
It was the man from amigo backpackers asking if I wanted to confirm my booking there. I then apologised for having accepted a competitive rival quote.

What I didn’t realise was I had only called one hostel. The man and the woman were from the same business and the business was referred to as the Torquay backpackers, amigo backpackers and the international backpackers from a lady at Le Papillon.

I had therefore cancelled the very booking I wanted. This was why I booked Le papillon as soon as I realised. This turned out to not have been confirmed either ( see my Le papillon review for details).

I therefore was almost left with nowhere to sleep during Easter weekend having believed to have had everything well organised and confirmed. P.S quite a busy and stressful time to have booking issues …

The man at the Torquay backpackers ( Sean) kindly allowed me to stay the night stating how my room would not be ready for a couple of hours.
By this point I had a shift in the next half an hour and so needed to quickly get changed , set up my GPS for work and navigate to the Rivera centre.

Kindly he let me get changed …

I rushed up to a room which had a door which didn’t close properly and a twisty staircase which made your sides feel like corkscrew at Alton towers.
I got changed, got to work early (which turned out to be closer than expected) and so my 1 night stay at Torquay backpackers began …

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