Zootopia film review (9/10) ” Quirky, entertaining and quite original”

Zootopia film review “Enticing, exciting, adventure and action in a spectacular virtual world” (9/10) Setting the scene From the word go the visually stimulating Kingdom and characters allowed me to quickly settle into the storyline. The costume and likeness to real relationships especially father-daughter were light-hearted and heart warming. Following the character introduction, action adventure […]

Pure hopped cider (2/10) ” Cheap for a can but no identity man”.

Pure hopped cider review 2/10 ” Cheap in small doses but lacking any cider identity” Packaging Small, annotated and slightly messy 300ml can which sits at 4 percent or equates to 1.3 units. At £0.59 from b and m for 1.3 units this appeared very cheap to get a taste of some cider. The small […]

Henney’s Herefordshire vintage still cider 2015 (7/10) ” Warming, sweet smelling but boring”

Henney’s Herefordshire Vintage still cider 2015 ( 7/10) ” Great medium-dry warming aftertaste with a fruity and acidy smell” ” No sweetness, carbonation, fruity or acidy taste” ” The taste was dominated by water which was a shame” ” A smooth drinking cider with no drama … A little dull” Packaging At 6.5% volume the […]

Thatchers Oak aged vintage 2016 (7.5/10) “Smooth and tangy quality”

Thatchers oak aged vintage 2016 review (7.5/10) ” Good value and well branded”. ” Smooth, and not too subtle medium dry”. ” Tangy with subtle carbonation”. ” In need of a little more Apple sweetness and carbonation”. ” Not to my taste but good at what it should be”. Packaging Quite a formal, elaborate and […]

Angry Orchard cider ” I am far from angry” solid (8.5/10)

Angry orchard cider review (8.5/10) ” Well balanced, sweet yet tangy” ” A little dryness and cost effectiveness away from the ideal cider” ” Slightly more carbonation desirable” Packaging At 1.59 per bottle with 2.5 units contained this is quite expensive to get close to the recommended limit realistically. It means you would have to […]

Bulmers original premium cider review (7/10)

Bulmers original premier cider review (7.0/10) ” Quite practical, with the selling points of a particularly tangy appleade. Not unpleasant but lacking the key aspects of a good mature cider without much sweetness to compensate.” Packaging Our story begins with a co-founder named Fred who apparently cycled 500 miles in 7 days. This purportedly was […]

Premier Classe Coventry hotel review ( Room 6 then 40)- 4.5/10

Premier Classe hotel Coventry ( Room 6 then 40) (4.5/10) A little bit of good ” Working TV, comfortable bed and clearly signposted breakfast prices”. ” Generous and varied tea provisions”. The bad ” Staff may check you into the wrong room”. ” Inconsistent service, poor shower with no provided hairdryer or shampoo, basic facilities, […]

Days Inn Bristol hotel review (Room 123) 4/10 ” Powercuts, occasional practicality with dull setting”

Days inn hotel review Bristol (4/10) ( Room 123) The good “A good price for a pleasant and practical roomspace” The bad ” a good setting, location and modernisation throughout was lacking” The ugly ” Powercut both Friday and Saturday night” The hotel had a distinctly dated feel which was detracted from by the setting […]

Kingstone press cider (7/10) Practical, subtle and slightly satisfying”.

Kingstone press cider review (7/10) ” Practical, subtle and slightly satisfying”. Packaging Kingstone press is a variety of medium dry cider produced using bittersweet apples from the Aston manor cider mill in Stourport, Worcestershire. It is therefore produced only a few miles down the road from my home in Worcester. The alcohol percentage is listed […]

Roundhouse Bournemouth Hotel review (Room 320) 7/10

The Roundhouse Bournemouth review ( Room 320) (7/10) “Great value and space with the potential to develop staff service and room equipment” The atmosphere The atmosphere felt a little dry since the hosts did not exude any real enthusiasm or passion and appeared there to execute job obligations rather than to provide a fully fulfilling […]