Pure hopped cider review 2/10 ” Cheap in small doses but lacking any cider identity”


Small, annotated and slightly messy 300ml can which sits at 4 percent or equates to 1.3 units. At £0.59 from b and m for 1.3 units this appeared very cheap to get a taste of some cider. The small size and alcohol volume meant that you would perhaps need 3 cans to fully experience the alcohol effect within safe limits. This suggested a purchase of 3 cans for £1.77 keeping things relatively affordable.

This was still good value although slightly more expensive than kingstone press and Jonathan Blair vintage it did beat Orchard and Savannah to name some examples.

Perhaps though, considering all these are bottled they may provide a greater sensory appeal of quality upon opening. That said, a simple pour into a glass eliminated this factor.

Hazy, citrusy and carbonated from the label appear to be the ciders acclaimed attributes with the benefits from Westons of Herefordshire and purity of Warwickshire. To this end it used apples locally sourced from Herefordshire. Also it had apparently been matured in oak vats and used hops as it’s main USP.

With balance, subtle dryness, sweetness, cloudiness, carbonation, citrus and smooth as the full list of claimed attributes this certainly was far from modest since I have never previously seen all of these interesting characteristics claimed just from an introductory paragraph on any alcohol vessel previously.

Good luck with that then …


The smell was unfortunately of beer hinting at that typical flavour which I detest. It did however possess a slightly citrus, almost lemony twang though.


The taste was also heavily of beer which ended up making me discard the contents of the can. For this reason it was a highly unpleasant drinking experience and not one I am expecting to repeat anytime soon. As a bone fide cider drinker this was very easy to notice. Perhaps to find another positive, you would have to consider reading about antioxidants such as poly phenols released into the alcohol from oak vats. That said health isn’t typically the main reason for consuming alcohol.


It Promised of a lot, and a cider and delivered a beer and very little. Not even what it claims to be. I debated even putting this review on my blog since I don’t even consider this a cider. The flavour detracted instantly from everything claimed on the label following a citrusy smell which was at least one attribute it possessed.

If you are a cider rather than beer fan I would steer clear though … !

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