Zootopia film review “Enticing, exciting, adventure and action in a spectacular virtual world” (9/10)

Setting the scene

From the word go the visually stimulating Kingdom and characters allowed me to quickly settle into the storyline. The costume and likeness to real relationships especially father-daughter were light-hearted and heart warming. Following the character introduction, action adventure was quickly eased into with help from the music. Defying convention was a quickly woven-in feature of the film with the main characters choices quickly going against the norm. This really acted as a great hook for future endeavours.

Main body

The storyline was simple and clear. The plot was complex enough however to not unveil too much too early keeping me guessing throughout the film. In parts, the mood was a little predictable yet small flourishes of light-hearted humour, with great effects in the well created virtual world, kept me well entertained.

The music continued well and the tempo of the film was fast enough for an enjoyable action, yet not confused by rushing for effect. The balance between happiness and turmoil was just right, avoiding an excessive bout of isolated trouble that some childish films typically suffer from. This made the film enjoyable for family yet not just accessible for all.

The variety in the characters, their mode of speech and personality was great and helped transport me into their lives. They each had roles in fictional society and well created costumes to match these. A few well known actors were also involved in assisting their portrayal.
Scene changes were dynamic and frequent to assist the films good tempo providing stimulation for the viewer.

Relationships were dealt with nicely with only a hint of possible future romance. This was good since it helped the movie tone Remain in keeping with the action genre distracting the viewer or plot goal.

The music was up-beat with a strong tempo and was great for the start of any happy adventure. Shakira Try everything seemed like a great choice … As the story unfolded, the music was adjusted accordingly and appeared to fit in well with most of the scenes. The subtlety of the music in darker times made it less memorable yet left the effects no less effective.


The ending was quite appropriate for an unpredictable action film. The resolution to the plot issues was not expected and therefore highly entertaining.


Overall a clear story with entertaining plot quirks. It has great potential to produce a sequel. It was seriously difficult to find fault with since the created world and characters shouted as much diversity as the dynamic scene and setting locations with their stories.
The film captured my imagination, transported me to another world, intellectually stimulated me with light humour and kept me thoroughly entertained with an interesting plot and storyline.
Close resemblance in theme likeness to other action films appeared to show perhaps, a slight oversight in creativity. The lack of memorable music for sadder or darker scenes were my only other criticisms.

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