#24 Zootopia film review (9/10) ” Quirky, entertaining and quite original”

Zootopia film review “Enticing, exciting, adventure and action in a spectacular virtual world” (9/10) Setting the scene From the word go the visually stimulating Kingdom and characters allowed me to quickly settle into the storyline. The costume and likeness to real relationships especially father-daughter were light-hearted and heart warming. Following the character introduction, action adventure […]

#23 Pure hopped cider (2/10) ” Cheap for a can but no identity man”.

Pure hopped cider review 2/10 ” Cheap in small doses but lacking any cider identity” Packaging Small, annotated and slightly messy 300ml can which sits at 4 percent or equates to 1.3 units. At £0.59 from b and m for 1.3 units this appeared very cheap to get a taste of some cider. The small […]

#22 Henney’s Herefordshire vintage still cider 2015 (7/10) ” Warming, sweet smelling but boring”

Henney’s Herefordshire Vintage still cider 2015 ( 7/10) ” Great medium-dry warming aftertaste with a fruity and acidy smell”” No sweetness, carbonation, fruity or acidy taste”” The taste was dominated by water which was a shame”” A smooth drinking cider with no drama … A little dull” Packaging At 6.5% volume the cider is strong […]