Lymedale suites (Room 47)- 7/10 ” Kitchenette with sofa but incessant road noise”.

Lymedale suites hotel review (Room 47) – (7/10) Good ” Kitchenette as part of the room”. ” Bar downstairs easy to access and staff aiming to please”. ” Great standard of cleanliness in and outside your room”. Bad ” Not a great view out of the window”. ” Incessant road noise and non- central location”. […]

Churchwards original cider ” Medium dry with a nice smell” – (6/10)

Churchwards original cider review ” A medium dry with a nice smell but nothing else”. (6/10) The Good ” Pleasant level of dryness”. ” Some eye catching packaging and a smooth smell”. The Bad ” Lack of character with a watery taste”. ” No real brand identity”. ” Does not describe any of the positives […]

New county hotel Gloucester (7.5/10) – “Central and homely lacking luxury slightly”

New county hotel review ( Room 17) ” Well located, homely hotel lacking a few mod cons and luxury” (7.5/10) The good ” great value, friendly staff” ” good provisions including hairdryer and mirror” ” central location and clean room service” ” warm and homely atmosphere and decor” The bad ” TV was a little […]

Scrumpy jack cider review (8/10) ” Tangy and fruity but limited fizz and practicality” Packaging Scrumpy jack appears in a picturesquely decorated can with splashes of colour such as yellow, white and green depicting a countryside scene with a large apple tree. The apple tree has a small bucket full of harvested apples. The cider […]

Blackthorn gold cider (7/10) ” some nice acidity”

Blackthorn gold cider review (7/10) ” not a medium dry but some pleasantly powered acidity” The good “Very pleasant and not overpowering acidity” ” Good value and practical” The bad ” Lack of attributes including dryness, carbonation and sweetness” ” Other than acid no real indication of fruit” Packaging The packaging is a split colour […]

Cornish Rattler cider (6.5/10) ” More of a panda really”.

Cornish rattler cider review (6.5/10) The good “Good and interesting packaging with a pleasant smell” ” Fruity taste, carbonation and dryness apparent with huge subtlety” The bad “Too subtle to establish any real identity and too watery to truly enjoy” ” no potent flavour, sweetness, carbonation or acidity” ” does not live up to its […]

Stowford press cans ” Subtle tang and acidity with a yeasty scent” (7.5/10)

Stowford press cider review (7.5/10) The good “Pleasant , yet subtle tang and acidity level with a smooth yeasty scent” ” Subtle, yet lingering fruit aftertaste” ” Sweetness was adequate, yet not overwhelming” ” Pleasant, fruity and sweet flavour ” ” Slightly watery to balance the sweetness and acidity” The bad ” Not as dry […]