Scrumpy jack cider review (8/10) ” Tangy and fruity but limited fizz and practicality”


Scrumpy jack appears in a picturesquely decorated can with splashes of colour such as yellow, white and green depicting a countryside scene with a large apple tree. The apple tree has a small bucket full of harvested apples. The cider label specifies Symonds as the producer. This cider originated in Herefordshire in the early 1970’s.

Since then whilst it had been taken over it never left the county.
Dabinett apples are used which is a familiar medium dry as seen with stowford and Kingstone press ciders yet also a slightly more bitter Apple known as chisel jersey is used. Both apples used are in the bittersweet category rather than purely sweet increasing tannin content. This supposedly increases the complexity of flavour and the feel of the cider in the mouth.

The cider was bought from Tesco for 3.75 for 4 cans, with a capacity of 440ml at 6 % alcohol by volume. Every can contains 2.6 units. This has limited practicality since 2 cans puts you considerably over the daily recommended consumption level for alcohol.


On opening the cider provides a distinct yeasty aroma which is more quirky than that of Stowford press. A key difference is the slightly unpleasant sulphury hint, resembling old eggs. This is only subtle however, so not too unpleasant.


The taste has a pleasant feel in the mouth with a syrupy consistency. The acidity level provides a really enjoyable tang which leaves an impression of fruit. The sweetness is not that apparent but the sharpness of the tang provides a very unique and highly pleasant tasting experience which does not seem to require this. The carbonation seems highly limited and virtually non existent yet the cider feels moist and does not claim a medium dryness like most other Herefordshire ciders. Therefore it remains true to it’s brand identity and provides a highly enjoyable taste experience.


A highly pleasant tangy and fruity cider which provides a characteristic and sharp taste experience. Whilst it carves out a distinct identity, it does not counter it’s brand identity and provides a moist feel with a limited carbonation. Perhaps therefore a little fizz and practicality away from a very good cider. The lack of sweetness can be forgiven due to it’s sharp identity.

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