Friels first press vintage cider review (8/10) ” Natural and complex balance, if a little weak and pricey”.

Friels first press vintage cider review (8/10) ” Natural and complex balance, if a little weak and pricey”. Good ” Clear USP of the varieties of Apple selected and labelled”. ” Noticeable level of Apple sweetness”. ” Natural flavour as promised”. ” Well-balanced “. ” Complexity of experience”. ” Some dryness”. “Woody element”. ” Smooth […]

Hestons’ Waitrose spiced mulled cider (7.5/10) ” Unique, punchy and spicy alcohol”.

Heston from Waitrose spiced mulled cider review (8.5/10) as alcohol (7.5/10) as cider “Unique, punchy, spicy alcohol. maybe a cider”. The Good “Pleasant warming tang and punchy spicy smell”. ” Great value and branding”. ” Full-bodied as necessary with strong flavour”. ” Pleasantly warming and spicy taste”. The Bad ” Lack of carbonation or sweetness”. […]

Henry Westons’ ” Medium dry” oak aged vintage 2016 – (8.25/10)

Henry Westons “Medium-dry” oak aged vintage cider 2016 (8.25/10) The Good ” Great value and distinctive branding”. ” Pleasant warming aftertaste and carbonation”. ” Full-bodied with an enjoyable tang”. ” Balanced drink without astringency”. The Bad ” Lack of fruity flavour and sweetness”. ” Not medium dry as described”. ” Lack of blurb or backstory”. […]

Westons’ Old Rosie cloudy cider ” Excellent full-bodied medium-dry lacking fruity sweetness”- (9/10)

Westons old Rosie cloudy cider review ” Excellent full bodied medium dry without fruity sweetness” – ( 9/10)   The Good ” Reasonably priced and practical”. ” Accomplished medium dryness as advertised”. ” Excellent branding with a pretty bottle”. ” Full-bodied and has a strong flavour”. ” Pleasant and lasting yeasty scent”. ” Soothing aftertaste” […]

Twisted tree vintage cider (7.5/10) “Mature and complex yet not sweet or fruity”

Twisted tree vintage cider review (7.5/10) ” Mature and complex but not sweet or fruity” The Good ” Mature and complex”. ” Medium-dry as advertised and full bodied”. ” Pleasantly carbonated”. The Bad ” Limited acidity and tang”. ” Not enough sweetness or fruitiness”. ” Not the cheapest for a canned cider”. Packaging A rather […]

Thatchers old Rascal ” Not a cheap dry but a full bodied guy” (7.5/10)

Thatchers old Rascal cider review (7.5/10) The Good ” Full bodied feel as advertised without a watery nature.” ” Pleasant fruity flavour and sweetness.” ” Well balanced carbonation.” The Bad ” Not quite tangy enough to convince of the acidity desired.” ” A little pricey for the product and not 100% practical.” ” Dryness not […]

Churchwards original cider ” Medium dry with a nice smell” – (6/10)

Churchwards original cider review ” A medium dry with a nice smell but nothing else”. (6/10) The Good ” Pleasant level of dryness”. ” Some eye catching packaging and a smooth smell”. The Bad ” Lack of character with a watery taste”. ” No real brand identity”. ” Does not describe any of the positives […]

Scrumpy jack cider review (8/10) ” Tangy and fruity but limited fizz and practicality” Packaging Scrumpy jack appears in a picturesquely decorated can with splashes of colour such as yellow, white and green depicting a countryside scene with a large apple tree. The apple tree has a small bucket full of harvested apples. The cider […]

Blackthorn gold cider (7/10) ” some nice acidity”

Blackthorn gold cider review (7/10) ” not a medium dry but some pleasantly powered acidity” The good “Very pleasant and not overpowering acidity” ” Good value and practical” The bad ” Lack of attributes including dryness, carbonation and sweetness” ” Other than acid no real indication of fruit” Packaging The packaging is a split colour […]