#328 Sainsbury’s Mulled cider, Ginger, Clove, and Clementine review – “Warming and spicy, yet clashing and unbalanced”- (8.25/10).

Why you should read …Ever wondered how good Sainsbury’s festive cider is? Read on to find out … The Good “Festive bottle design”. “Light carbonation”. “Quite practical”. “Good value”. “Warming and spicy character”. “Natural flavour”. “Full flavoured”. “Thin to moderate mouthfeel”. “Natural feel”. “Lasting aftertaste”. The Bad “Bottle colours clash”. “No dryness”. “Weak smell”. “Weak […]

#310 Sandford Orchards Devon Red cider review (6.5/10).

– “Natural with good branding. Lacking character and strength”. [Why you should read …Ever wondered how good the cider is from Devon? Read on to find out …]. (Please note: Cold virus present when sampling). The Good “Strong branding”. “Moderate carbonation”. “Natural flavour and smell”. “Not unpleasant”. “Well balanced”. “Session-able”. The Bad “Lacking sweetness”. “Lacking […]

#79 Friels first press vintage cider review (8/10) ” Natural and complex balance, if a little weak and pricey”.

Friels first press vintage cider review (8/10) ” Natural and complex balance, if a little weak and pricey”. Good ” Clear USP of the varieties of Apple selected and labelled”.” Noticeable level of Apple sweetness”.” Natural flavour as promised”.” Well-balanced “.” Complexity of experience”.” Some dryness”.“Woody element”.” Smooth aftertaste”. Bad ” Weak aftertaste”.” Lack of […]

#48 Hestons’ Waitrose spiced mulled cider (7.5/10) ” Unique, punchy and spicy alcohol”.

Heston from Waitrose spiced mulled cider review (8.5/10) as alcohol (7.5/10) as cider “Unique, punchy, spicy alcohol. maybe a cider”. The Good “Pleasant warming tang and punchy spicy smell”.” Great value and branding”.” Full-bodied as necessary with strong flavour”.” Pleasantly warming and spicy taste”. The Bad ” Lack of carbonation or sweetness”.” Would be nice […]

#44 Henry Westons’ ” Medium dry” oak aged vintage 2016 – (8.25/10)

Henry Westons “Medium-dry” oak aged vintage cider 2016 (8.25/10) The Good ” Great value and distinctive branding”.” Pleasant warming aftertaste and carbonation”.” Full-bodied with an enjoyable tang”.” Balanced drink without astringency”. The Bad ” Lack of fruity flavour and sweetness”.” Not medium dry as described”.” Lack of blurb or backstory”. Packaging Straight away from the […]

#39 Westons’ Old Rosie cloudy cider ” Excellent full-bodied medium-dry lacking fruity sweetness”- (9/10)

Westons old Rosie cloudy cider review ” Excellent full bodied medium dry without fruity sweetness” – ( 9/10) The Good ” Reasonably priced and practical”.” Accomplished medium dryness as advertised”.” Excellent branding with a pretty bottle”.” Full-bodied and has a strong flavour”.” Pleasant and lasting yeasty scent”.” Soothing aftertaste”” Light carbonation with good acidity levels”.” […]

#38 Twisted tree vintage cider (7.5/10) “Mature and complex yet not sweet or fruity”

Twisted tree vintage cider review (7.5/10) ” Mature and complex but not sweet or fruity” The Good ” Mature and complex”.” Medium-dry as advertised and full bodied”.” Pleasantly carbonated”. The Bad ” Limited acidity and tang”.” Not enough sweetness or fruitiness”.” Not the cheapest for a canned cider”. Packaging A rather traditional looking can featuring […]

#35 White star cider “Do not consume” (0.5/10)

White star cider review (0.5/10) ” Do not try !!!” The Good ” Cheap way to achieve the recommended alcohol limit.”” It is not dry and doesn’t claim to be.” The Bad ” Everything else … It has a horrid smell that doesn’t last, a watery feel, lack of carbonation, character, acidity, dryness, sweetness, fruitiness, […]

#34 Thatchers old Rascal ” Not a cheap dry but a full bodied guy” (7.5/10)

Thatchers old Rascal cider review (7.5/10) The Good” Full bodied feel as advertised without a watery nature.”” Pleasant fruity flavour and sweetness.”” Well balanced carbonation.” The Bad” Not quite tangy enough to convince of the acidity desired.”” A little pricey for the product and not 100% practical.”” Dryness not convincingly apparent and a slightly bitter […]

#31 Churchwards original cider ” Medium dry with a nice smell” – (6/10)

Churchwards original cider review ” A medium dry with a nice smell but nothing else”. (6/10) The Good” Pleasant level of dryness”.” Some eye catching packaging and a smooth smell”. The Bad” Lack of character with a watery taste”.” No real brand identity”.” Does not describe any of the positives in the packaging”. Packaging Upon […]