Lymedale suites hotel review (Room 47) – (7/10)

” Kitchenette as part of the room”.
” Bar downstairs easy to access and staff aiming to please”.
” Great standard of cleanliness in and outside your room”.

” Not a great view out of the window”.
” Incessant road noise and non- central location”.
” Lack of a hairdryer or shampoo”.


The atmosphere from reception was very sweet smelling and immaculate. Checkin was calm and professional with a pleasant and welcoming member of staff. The bar seemed a good place to spend time since even at 3pm people were ordering drinks in there, showing how it gets used even at times not typically busy.
The location was a little far from the centre of town which was a little disappointing meaning quite a substantial trek from the train station, although being situated on a busy road it was strategically well situated for car drivers.

The atmosphere seemed a little mixed since certain areas of accommodation appeared basic from the outside yet my room was luxurious on the inside. The menu prices varied hugely between the most and least expensive and how they were calculated seemed a little atypical.

Chilling in your room

The room was clean with sufficient space and a TV. This was a little small however, but compensated for by a rather comfy looking leather sofa.
Only a few hangers were present between 2 guests. While the idea of a split wardrobe did appear practical for room sharing having all the hangers on one side did draw attention to the overall lack of hangers.

The backrest of the bed had 2 thin pillows which was a supportive combination. The addition of a cushion was pleasant if slightly surplus to my personal requirements.
The mattress seemed comfortable although only limited plug sockets were available close to the beds meaning extension leads may be useful for gizmo freaks.

While watching TV or concentrating, the relentless purr of cars cruising past created considerable roadnoise. This made sleeping challenging.


Tea Provisions

With the presence of a small kitchenette, facilities for cooking over a hob were definitely sufficient. The kettle appeared larger than most and the mugs were generously sized. A fridge and microwave were also present and working which I quickly put to the test. The room had 2 stalls providing extra seating.

There were several UHT milk pots which looked great for an avid tea drinker like myself although only 2 teabags were provided which was a little disappointing. There also was only one type of tea available, no sweetener or brown sugar provisions or many little extras such as tea biscuits. It would also have been nice to have a few more teabags to make use of the ample milk and 6 white sugar sachets.


Community areas

The bar was pleasant to sit in, if a little quiet, and the staff seemed to aim to please at every turn which was great.
Outside seating was available beside the car park although any outside space was taken over by road noise due to location. A pity, but couldn’t be helped.


Washing and cleaning

In the bathroom area there was a small head mirror yet a full body mirror on the bedroom. This was slender yet sufficient. Hand wash was provided yet it was a shame that no shampoo was there to socialise with it.

There also did not seem to be a hairdryer provided as was the case in places such as holiday express in Ipswich and the New county hotel in Gloucester.


With a price range of around 50-80 pounds the rooms in this hotel with kitchenette seemed a good service and to provide good value. It was a cut above most basic rooms with a few pleasant additions such as sofas and comfortable bedding. Overall I feel the value at this price was fair since although not really cheap for the location, noise level or size it did possess the luxuries expected to elevate the experience from a travellodge or other budget hotel.

Customer service

On entry, staff were professional quick and polite and even showed me to my room with a nice chat which is a first for me in any of the places I have previously stayed. I found this very pleasant.

A good quality room with plenty of extras. Location and a few little details taint the quality impression from inside the room however so good yet not great.


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