Kingstone press cider review (7/10)

” Practical, subtle and slightly satisfying”.


Kingstone press is a variety of medium dry cider produced using bittersweet apples from the Aston manor cider mill in Stourport, Worcestershire. It is therefore produced only a few miles down the road from my home in Worcester.

The alcohol percentage is listed as a solid 5.3% which is rather modest compared to Henry westons 2015 vintage which also utilises bittersweet apples, yet greater than a considerable number of other varieties such as rekorderlig at just 4.5%.

This intermediate strength combined with a bottle capacity just above a pint, at 660ml is clever. This is because the entire bottle sits at 3.5 units meaning you can get between the safe recommended range after consuming one full bottle.

The fun doesn’t stop there since the cider only costs £1.39 per bottle from loco store suggesting it is cheaper than both Savannah and rekorderlig ciders. These however, perhaps command this price due to quality. In review of both of these more premiumly priced ciders, I have provided overall ratings of 8/10. The 6/10 rating for orchard for example still costs £1.70 to achieve the limit suggesting this cider is not placed under an immense pressure of expectation at £1.39.


The scent emanating from the bottle is a stable and acidic smell similar to that of the sharper or dryer cider varieties. The scent is certainly not unpleasant with a refreshing and persistent aroma. This doesn’t fade quickly as is the case with thatchers haze.


The dryness is modest with a slightly moist feel as should be expected from a medium dry. The carbonation is very limited with only a sparse cohort of bubbles released on bottle opening. Bitterness is evident on tasting which eliminates any sweetness. The element of tang provided by Savannah cider is evident yet more subtle with this variety. The real perk of this cider is the acidity. It achieves reasonable acidic taste balance with a slightly sharp and sour aftertaste.

Whilst for me an aftertaste with higher levels of sourness appears superficially unpleasant, the mild nature of this drink keeps things tolerable.
The slight acidity balanced with very slight carbonation make this a highly balanced drink which is subtle yet pleasant.

Overall then this cider does not provide the sweetness my palette craves although does provide a balance between modest but apparent acidity with a very slight carbonation. The dryness is adequate since it is subtle and the variety is described as a medium dry suggesting the description is adequate. Practicality and value is a notable positive. This beverage has much subtlety, though it appears to blend in with rather than dominate the crowd.

” A cider which does medium dryness and subtlety well, but does not provide a truly passionate identity”.

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