Premier Classe hotel Coventry ( Room 6 then 40) (4.5/10)

A little bit of good

” Working TV, comfortable bed and clearly signposted breakfast prices”.
” Generous and varied tea provisions”.

The bad

” Staff may check you into the wrong room”.
” Inconsistent service, poor shower with no provided hairdryer or shampoo, basic facilities, slow staff and a walk outside to all the rooms”.
” Basic tea stirrers”.
” Only 1 keycard, only 20 minutes free wifi, only 2 plugs”.

The atmosphere

The reception building was modern inside, well lit and spacious. We were checked in at a bar which I liked the appearance of. You expect to go to your room nearby but when you find out actually there is a separate building which resembles a large row of cabins things get a little less exciting. Since these can only be accessed from outside it gives the impression of an unpleasant walk in the rain. It was well set back from the road however which was good.

The hotel location was miles from the train station and town centre which was poor.

Chilling in your room

Double pillows were provided for relaxing and once you manage to work out that the keycard has to be left in, the room appeared of small, yet adequate size. The bathroom space was pleasant and clean and the room did not give a dated or dark feel due to it’s styling and reasonably sized windows.

As for power and plugs only 2 were available.

The kettle was of good size and I was impressed with the presentation of a generous provision for teas with many sweetener sachets ( more so than in Bristol days inn). They also provided fair trade instant coffee which was a nice touch showing positive company ethos and values. Demerara and white sugar options were available which was also nice. There were however wooden stirrers rather than spoons which detracted considerably from the drinking experience.

On room entry, the remote sitting on the bed with a clearly labelled breakfast price and time was very informative.
The 20 minutes of free wifi however was highly disappointing and certainly made you a freak downloader for a while. All the other hotels I had previously stayed in had free wifi included for the duration of my stay.
The room had one chair with a hard back which wasn’t the most practical or comfortable option for a 2 person room. The pillows however were adequate for a reasonably comfortable makeshift backrest.

The lack of a twin bed which was agreed on booking was disappointing and again restrictive in terms of resident privacy. This was found to be due to a customer service issue. I was checked into the wrong room meaning I had to switch all my stuff quickly providing me with unnecessary stress.

Community areas

Due to the separate nature of the rooms from the main hotel building you had to venture outside to reach the modern and relaxing bar area or reception. Reception appeared very pleasant to relax in however in bad weather this necessary trip seemed impractical and reduced the impression of quality accommodation.

Washing and cleaning

Only 1 towel was provided on arrival with the promise of more on the way which was quite disappointing and there was no lock on the bathroom door meaning privacy was not too great. The size of the bathroom was minimal. No hairdryer was provided either unlike the Mercury in Swansea and many other places I have stayed previously.
Because of this I had to use my own hairdryer. Whilst I always pack carefully so this didn’t create an issue on this occasion it is an extra which makes life better and therefore would have been an improvement if it was provided.

Switching between the shower and bath nozzle was a nightmare so I was forced to have a bath for the first time in years. This was very annoying … The hot water did work effectively in either of the rooms I was shown to although shower bath switching was at least operational in room 40. This was because water jet pressure diminished to a mere trickle every time you ramped up the temperature.


At 40 pounds a night the price was low. Due to the plethora of issues and niggles screaming of low quality this did not help make the stay good value. The issue of value was that the stay was not terribly enjoyable so the competitive price was not competitive when compared to a similar price for superior staying experience elsewhere such as Swansea or Bournemouth.

Customer service

On first impressions Room checkin went smoothly and I was quickly and helpfully instructed on how to reach my room. The staff seemed polite and welcoming. After a couple of hours of settling into my room and unpacking I was told to vacate my room since I had been checked into the wrong room number. This made things a lot more stressful than they had to be and shouted incompetence in terms of providing an effective service. The first rooms double bed meant that the wrong room was not appropriate. Only on complaint were the rooms switched.

Quite disappointing …

No second keycard could be provided for the room meaning that returning to the room in the evening was a ” guess who will get back first and give them the key” lottery.
This increased uncertainty especially since reception closed at 11pm and the trip was for business with late night shifts.


Poor for showering and personal hygiene, mediocre due to inconsistencies in room service, limited provisions and those present of low quality. A long walk from reception outside to reach your room and issues with room checkin made the positives unnoticeable overall. The overall score therefore reflects a basic stay with multiple issues which was not great value for money.

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