Made from the purest spring water from Vimmerby Sweden since 1996.


The Swedish cider is 2.25 UK units and is served in bottles of 500ml. It was purchased from an off-license in Nottingham and is the rekorderlig premium apple cider.

It is 4.5 percent volume so has relatively modest alcohol content and is recommended to be served chilled. It highlights how it has been made using Swedish spring water which sounds interesting and captures the eye with a golden apple logo on the forefront of the aged, paper effect bottle label. The cap also resembles this aged theme with an off- white colour. A slight crest of bubbles may be immediately apparent visible at the cusp of the drinks surface through the brown bottles’ glass neck.

The smell is unlike dry ciders I have previously sampled. It is subtle, yet has an abrupt smooth feel. It smells highly fermented so has a more subtle scent than other canned varieties but perhaps this is the illusion of the serving bottles theatre. The scent is relatively sweet and moist and leaves you expecting a sweet, full bodied drink which is subtle yet not sickly.

The taste has a pleasant carbonated feel with unexpected bubbles quickly tantalising your palette. The sweetness and moistness is noticeable from the word go and the drinks sensory appeal is focused almost like an appleade rather than a bitter fermented drink. To this end the sweetness manifests as apple, not sugar making the experience mature and pleasant. The balance is good since it is not overly sweet and resembles it’s subtle scent. It does not fall into the pitfall of thatchers haze however since the sweetness and bubbles keep moisture and flavour dancing around your mouth.

The aftertaste is a slightly fruity note which persists on your tongue almost like a dull hum rather than a sweet annoyance which keeps you feeling refreshed. This is pleasant and enjoyable and a little unexpected after such an exciting sensory experience. I would have expected a sickly aftertaste with the variety of that moisture and fizziness.


A very pleasant cider with a smooth Apple tone provided with fizz and enjoyment. Professionally cut off with a persistent yet pleasant fruity aftertaste.

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