Hostel: Part III (2011) – (6.5/10) – “Clear plot with some surprises, better than part II ”. 

The Good 

“Surprising opening ”. 

“Psychological elements”.

“Action-packed ending”.

“Memorable ending”. 

The Bad 

“Uncertain genre”. 

“Repetitive themes”.

“Tension climax limited”.


On February 26th 2021, I posted my first Hostel horror movie review. Fast forward just over a year, I have written 2 more.

Hostel: Part III, is a 2011 Horror movie, according to IMDb. 


The opening surprised the viewer, and tricked the mind. This caused early viewer engagement. Themes quickly switch from happy to sad using background sounds well. The honeytrap concept was used as in previous movies, in keeping with the original idea. This didn’t seem old however, since the settings and scenery were considerably different to previous movies. 

The movie repeatedly lead the viewer to make false assumptions, so was somewhat psychological. 

Tension-building was limited, cutting camera away during torture scenes.

Perhaps the movie genre was better suited to Thriller or Mystery, rather than Horror at times. The Adventure/Thriller elements were notable. Lighting was used effectively as a shock mechanism throughout. Distress became a more prominent theme later on, with events becoming far more sinister. The ending was full of action, and was memorable, yet somewhat unexpected. 


“Clear plot with some surprises, better than part II”. 

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