Hostel (2005) “Too little too late, but could’ve been helped by better tension earlier on” – (5/10). 


Had a long week ?? Unwind with the Horror “Hostel” review here …

Hostel is a 2005 (Horror) movie. 

Horror Impact 

Weird tones were apparent from the off, provided by Eerie sound effects and unusual, damp settings. Very atmospheric ….

Unfortunately following this, things became a little more tacky. Perhaps in a lockdown scenario I may be guilty of appreciating this, as it came across in a lighthearted way. Unfortunately, since the genre was Horror, with no mention of comedy, it seemed quite Ill-set. 

Darkness and anticipation were used fairly well. Certain unusual happenings occurred too. 

The comedy became repetitive and tedious though, alerting the viewer to the protracted plot which took too long to develop. 

After a long while, gore and mystery themes did emerge, but you had to stick with it. 

Certain scenes then did feature more of a Horror edge. There was some tension, although the shock factor was impaired due to a slow build up. Some camera angles seemed effective, but the Horror scene didn’t work well enough. This was one of not very many …

I think this was mainly due to any graphic Horror shots being excluded, making the expressed emotions less shocking.

One scene towards the end though, made up for this. It featured an almost palpable sickening feeling, which it induced in my throat. I would say the action accompanying the final 20 minutes, was also worth a watch. 

The ending was certainly the best part of the film, combining action, gore and revenge, to something which was actually rather entertaining. Of course by entertaining I mean highly deranged. 

Unfortunately, this was too little too late to save the film. 


Too little too late, but could’ve been helped by better tension earlier on. 

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