The Babysitter  (2017) Horror review-  “More action than Horror, stay tuned for the sequel”- (7.0/10).


Had a long week ?? Unwind with the new Netflix Horror “The Babysitter” review here …

The Babysitter is a 2017 (Comedy/Horror) movie. 

Horror Impact 

Vulnerability is quickly established with the main character in an unusual environment, with a clear sense of danger. The individual not only appears emotionally scared, but also is young, enhancing this impression.

To follow this up though, scenes are happy, and the weather is sunny, which quickly establishes contrast between positive and negative emotions. 

Travel allows frequent scene changes to keep things interesting, along with a number of social interactions and characters. Voices orate interactions loudly and clearly.

In terms of plot, a minor mystery features, which helps the story keep progressing after all characters have been introduced.  

Subtle clues are given as to where evil is emerging from, on multiple occasions. 

This is before anything actually happens, allowing individuals to predict events, provided they’re sufficiently observant. 

These clues come in the form of the words spoken, and the way they’re said. 

The clues progressively become more obvious. 

Sounds are used well, but Horror events are too sudden in the absence of tension building. The plot is sufficiently action-packed though, if not particularly scary. 

Subheadings are in a funky font, suggesting a more casual (Horror/Comedy) emphasis. Whilst some events are conducted in a comical way, nothing comes across as particularly funny, suggesting the focus should be more on Horror/Action. 

Gore is used though, with action sustained throughout. Psychology works well occasionally, and the unexpected when it rarely does occur, often accompanies this. 


Whilst it was more action, than Horror, things stayed entertaining enough for me to check out the sequel. 

Take home: More action than Horror, stay tuned for the sequel. 

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