Berry Set Go !! Smoothie review – “A bit too watery” (6.25/10). 

The Good 

“Natural and fresh smell”.

“Natural flavour throughout”.

“Fruity and tangy aftertaste”.

“Reasonable flavour strength”.

“Smooth and tangy taste”.


“Taste quite fruity”.

“Developing fruity tang”.

The Bad 

“Not fully balanced”. 

“Unclear brand message”.

“Bland branding”.

“Mouthfeel too thin”.

“Weak smell”.

“Taste didn’t last well”.

“Aftertaste didn’t last”.

“Flavour a touch watery”.

“Lacking some sweetness”.


Many of you may be aware I completed a dry month between July 26th and August 26th. During this, I reviewed 7 smoothies, the last of which is displayed right here before your eyes ! 

Since this, life for me has been ramping up in pressure, with deadlines looming, and work commitments aplenty. I shall do my best to continue to post regularly though, for 2 reasons. Firstly, writing acts as an important avenue for me to express myself, and secondly it hopefully provides you lovely lot with something entertaining to read (comments welcome) ! 

I must say, the previous few years for me have been quite a journey, and with ups and downs comes memories, many of which were good …


The main smoothie ranges from my undercover trip to Tesco, revealed Tropicana, Innocent, and Naked. 

Today’s review will be my 7th in the Innocent range following “Berry protein”, “Mangoes, Passion fruits, Apples”, “Strawberries & Bananas”, “Wonder Green”, “Invigorate”, and “Energise”.


Berry Set Go !!

With the bottle providing a relatively high 330ml, space on the packaging should have enabled a clear brand message. Other than declaring 10% of profits from Innocent go to charity, there seemed very little to grab onto. The usual promise of one of your 5-a-day, or an assurance of suitable for vegans or good for the environment, were notably absent. The colours of pink or white writing, detailed on largely pink background was hardly noticeable, making branding rather bland. 

Nutritionally, the first 3 fruits listed are Apple, White grape and Raspberry.

1 Apple 

Apple is the most abundant fruit here, which is low in vitamins and minerals, but compensates with it’s high antioxidant and fibre content. This slows sugar absorption, increases feelings of fullness, and improves digestion. The antioxidants are also beneficial for blood sugar control and heart health.

2 Grapes 

Grapes are a good source of vitamin C which helps your body produce connective tissues, and Vitamin K which is essential to activate blood clotting proteins to prevent infections. Fortunately though, high levels don’t increase clotting more than normal. It also helps bone strength by assisting production of proteins which bind calcium. 

3 Raspberry 

Raspberries are especially rich in Vitamin C and Manganese. As mentioned above Vitamin C helps your body produce connective tissues, to assist with wound healing. Manganese has many benefits, one of which is to maintain functioning of the Thyroid gland to assist appetite and metabolism regulation. 

Tesco also suggests the smoothie is high in B vitamins including B1, B2, B3 & B6, which assist with energy breakdown. 100ml contains B1 (31%), B6 (29%), B2 (28%), percentage reference intake. For the 330ml bottle, B1 was (102.3%), B6 (95.7%), and B2 (92.4%). 


The smell was quite natural and fresh, although it was a little weak, suggesting thin and watery mouthfeel. It weakened over time, becoming more watery as time went on, then lacking the initial sense of fruit. 


Taste was also a little watery, so not quite full, much like the smell. It was quite fruity, although faded away quickly, and wasn’t carried by a sufficiently full mouthfeel. This mouthfeel was rather thin, compensated for slightly, by good flavour strength. Acidity level was good, as it developed throughout the taste from smooth fruit into a fruity tang, but wasn’t overpowering. Sweetness was a little lacking, particularly towards the end of each sip.

The drink wasn’t entirely balanced due to a lack of sweetness, although the thinner mouthfeel prevented the acidity becoming overpowering.

Due to its thinner mouthfeel, the drink could be consumed as part of a session. Flavour remained natural throughout. 


The aftertaste was slightly fruity and tangy, but cut off quickly.


“A bit too watery”.

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