Innocent “Wonder Green” smoothie review (6/10) – “Too sickly sweet, so I didn’t drink much. You’d be better off drinking apple juice”.

The Good

“High juice percentage”.
“Appealing brand message”.
“Practical for carrying”.
“Non-sickly smell”.
“Smooth texture”.
“Even taste throughout”.
“Has company website”.

The Bad

“Thin mouthfeel”.
“Off-putting, cut grass smell”.
“Artificially added vitamins”.
“Sickly sweet”.
“No tartness”.
“One-dimensional experience”.
“Lack of balance”.


The bottle appeared ultra-professional from the word go. With smooth green fluid, supported with green label, and bold fonts, this was clear to see.

As for health, the bottle refreshingly assured me of many health benefits, unlike Berry Bliss smoothie, which didn’t detail any of these. Because of this, I had far less research to do. It mentioned how vitamins C and E within, protect you from oxidative stress, preventing damage to your body. Vitamins B2,B3 and B6 have been artificially added, helping reduce tiredness and fatigue.

For my reading, since the vast majority of the juice was apple, I focused on health benefits from apple exclusively.
Pure apple juice contains over 80% water, so therefore fills you up without adding many calories to the drink. Too many calories is not great, as it can result in weight gain. By filling you up, water also minimises the risk for bad food choices. Additionally, apple juice contains potassium which assists blood pressure regulation. It was a shame no banana was included as this contains over twice the potassium of apples and pears. Since banana was featured in “WOW” Green smoothie by The Juice company, it’s absence was notable here. It is worth noting also, many nutrients in apple skin are reduced by the process of juice extraction.

The back label provides a story too! Another trait rarely seen in many other smoothies. This story detailed the drinks assistance in morning waking, as the reason to consume. This, along with the assertion of “Delicious”, helped convince me to drink. At this point, I’d say the branding was pretty good.
As for juice percentages, 80% is apple, 13% is pear juice, and a squeezed cucumber provides the vast majority of the rest. A few other ingredients are mentioned, but these are only present in extract amounts. The fruit juice percentages, make this 3 times more concentrated than “WOW” smoothie. Clearly useful for extra nutrients then…

The only thing I didn’t like, was that extra vitamins had been added, making the drink feel unnatural. With the name “Wonder green”, I don’t think manufactured vitamin supplements, fit the brand message.

At least the small plastic bottle was easy to carry, and dispose of.

As for price, things normally wouldn’t be good either. At £3 per smoothie, this would be very expensive. I bought it for £1.50 when half price though. If it wasn’t on offer, it would’ve been 3 times the price of Shloer Tropi-cool. It was even 30p pricier than “WOW” green smoothie from ALDI, a drink I’ve already dismissed as costly, in a previous review.

Let’s hope the smell and taste makes up for this high price …


On pouring, it was clear to see the consistency was quite thin. The smell reminded me immediately of freshly cut grass. It was quite pungent, yet not sickly. No sweetness could be sensed in the aroma. Scent was quite stable, remaining persistent. Whilst I would say, cut grass is a pleasant smell when outside playing football, when it comes from something I’m about to consume, I’d consider it rather off-putting.


On first sip, the drink felt very smooth. Unlike many others there were no lumps, suggesting a lack of insoluble fibre. Whilst smooth, this indicated a lack of texture or substance, making the mouthfeel slightly thin.

The flavour was rather sweet, predominantly just apple. This appeared quite one- dimensional, early on in consumption. The apple juice was so dominant, it was difficult to taste anything else. After a few sips, this apple became so overpowering in sickly sweetness, it was hard to continue drinking. There was a notable lack of tartness too. This would have balanced the drink more. The drink felt quite unbalanced.

The aftertaste continued like the main body of the flavour, as a natural apple juice.
A weak tone of “other fruit” could be sensed, but this was shrouded totally by the apple.


You’d be better off drinking apple juice.
A healthy drink with too much sickly sweetness from apples. Apple completely dominated, creating a one-dimensional basic drinking experience.

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