The George and Dragon hotel review (Bar dining) 


On a Saturday I decided to book a table and venture out to the George and Dragon bar/hotel in Long Melford. It wasn’t a nice day so was a relief to get out of the mizzle. 

The Good 

The atmosphere was nice and relaxed with traditional pictures hanging from the walls. The COVID-19 measures necessitated hand sanitation on entry, and table service. This was sufficiently attentive and was polite. My dining partner opted for a beef burger which certainly looked sumptuous and juicy. She said it was enjoyable so I took her word for it. 

The menu had a wide selection of different foods. Many were available throughout the entire afternoon/evening too. These were listed on the official pub website as linked below. 

I found our food arrived promptly and the service minimised hand contact with the items, for extra covid security. The Jalapeño pizza I ordered was sufficiently spicy which was nice considering I am not tame when it comes to coping with particularly spicy food. 

The Bad 

One way things could have been improved was by allowing guests to order drinks before their booking slot start time, if noone is using the space. I felt like I had to wait without a drink for a little while when I could have been ordering on arrival. It wasn’t easy to locate menu items, which were only available from 12-3pm for the lunch dining on the website. Fortunately, these times do provide sufficient access for most to cover a lunch meal. 

My pizza was over cooked and had a hard base. It was more crunchy than soft and tasted a little burnt at the base. 


I had a pleasant lunch and some of the food lived up to its price. I felt for the overall service that was offered though, that the prices felt a bit high. 

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