Sidastroll cider ebook with Ellie Goulding !!!

With christmas and new year over in a blur, it’s time for a new ebook Sidastroll 2. Whilst this was produced ready for Christmas day, food, family and festivities felt priority.

Sidastroll 2 is an exciting new cider rating ebook. Much like the original, it combines celebrities with drink, to create informative, yet thought-provoking, reading. It’s one that uses simplicity, aswell as few words, to capture the imagination.

What Sidastroll does, is takes you around the globe, rating and describing ciders for you to choose for yourself, or a celebrity. Each installment shares information on a new celebrity, to help you pick the best cider for them.

Once you have chosen for the celebrity, the books can be used as reference to help you choose a better cider for yourself too. Whilst drinking sensibly is important, at Sidastroll, we believe drinking should also be enjoyable. Therefore, our ebooks help you select the most appropriate tipple for your taste.

Ratings out of 10 for each of the 10 ciders included, will give you a take on what you should pick. Plenty of information arms you with the facts to make up your own mind if you want to.

Every section of Sidastroll is grouped according to the cider maker, giving a brief introduction to where the drink was produced.

This years 2019/20 edition, marks the second book in the series. Whilst the original focused on drinks from the English West Country, this years’ looks at ciders from around the globe. We venture into the Italian Dolomite mountains, and into Africa down south.

Sidastroll 2: Worldwider cider also features a celebrity pick: Ellie Goulding. A renowned pop artist releasing distinctive and iconic music tracks, for the modern era. Her taste is analysed, to help you choose a cider you feel she would want.

All the ebooks are just £1.99. A very small royalty is made from sales, but books are sold at a low price to give you the best value possible. It really is a labour of love, researching and writing for hours, that we think is great.

If you don’t like reading, our layout with scores, means you can immediately take away key information, without reading anything but a number. The introductions however, should appeal to more avid readers alike.

We know you’ll enjoy the first novel on global cider, so cheers to the series links so far.

Explore all the links below. Thanks for reading.

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