Angioletti Vero Sidro Italiano “Rose” cider – “Natural and tangy, lacking flare and finesse”- (7/10).

The Good

“Light carbonation, as promised”.
“Full flavour”.
“Lasting natural tang”.
“Soothing natural flavour”.
“Eye-catching bottle colour and design”.
“Very smooth”.

The Bad

“Weak scent”.
“No dryness, which was promised”.
“Tang too dominant”.
“Not balanced”.
“Lacking sweetness”.
“No bottle backstory”.
“Not session-able”.
“Nothing unique”.
“Thin mouthfeel”.


Hello all, I hope you are well. More importantly, I hope you’re ready for the best Christmas ever !!! Certainly with the correct beverage and company, this may come true, regardless of your festive spirit level or age.

Today, we bring you our Christmas review !! Rather fittingly a Rose. With that festive glow to the apples, and the quality scripture of fine Italian fonts, the vessel is certainly ornate.

When we say Rose, we don’t mean wine. A Rose cider according to Angry orchard, is cider that uses “red fleshed” apples. The majority of apples have white insides (flesh), but these can be green, red, or yellow outside. Most sources only mention these “white fleshed” varieties.
After some research, it seems “red fleshed apples”, are actually a crossbred of crabapples ( small unpleasantly bitter apples), with commonly used varieties for cider making. According to Angry orchard, “red fleshed apples” can be sourced from France.

Angry orchard suggests Rose should mean either red fleshed apples were used, or it relates purely to the pinky colour produced as a result of this, flowers, or vegetables !! Radish and even sweet potato are sometimes used to produce this festive colour !!

Anyway, now you’re aware of what Rose cider is, lets introduce this member to our previously reviewed Angioletti range, including “Riserva” and “Secco”.
Today, we review Angioletti “Rose”. This is the weakest in the range, at just 4% ABV. Each bottle contains 500ml and 2.0 units exactly. This means 2 bottles would be required to reach the top end of the governments “Do not regularly exceed” limit, of 3-4 units. At £1.95 per bottle, £3.90 is expensive for a session of this. At least it’s practical though.

Such a weak alcohol percentage, should allow the fruit to sing. Especially when combined with the drinks 100% Italian apple juice.

For expectations, it’s described as “Medium-dry”, and possesses “Fine bubbles”. This suggests light carbonation. The website also suggests (aromas of fresh apple and strawberry), highlighting it’s apparently natural smell and taste. With 100% juice, I’d expect nothing less …

The aftertaste is described as “Long and clean and fresh”. This suggests a long-lasting, natural flavour. It also implies a natural, rather than sickly sweetness, since I wouldn’t describe “sickly”, as a “clean” aftertaste. As for sweetness level, my last reviewed Angioletti, was “Bursting with natural sweetness”.
I’d hope for the same high-level, of well-balanced sweetness, here. With “Confident tang” to live up to aswell, the bar is certainly set high here.

Let’s see how today’s festive treat measures up …


On opening, a soapy elevation of bubbles emerged. These revealed a soothing, natural scent. One which persisted for some time as a weak, yet smooth, natural apple. This suggested some bite and crispness in the taste. Bubbles settled fairly quickly after a few minutes, leaving a visually appealing pink liquid. Quite fitting for Christmas …


On first sip, natural tartness emerged. This wasn’t overly strong, yet was pleasant. On the second sip, it became clear this tartness would develop in strength, throughout bottle consumption.

A long, persistent aftertaste, lingered on the tongue for a considerable length of time. Things stayed very smooth. Carbonation was certainly light, as promised.
Despite tart appley taste dominating, flavour was full. Mouthfeel was certainly thin though. The drink didn’t feel watery, due to it’s depth of flavour though. This meant mouthfeel didn’t detract from the drinking experience, once flavour had developed.

The tartness unfortunately overpowered sweetness too much. This prevented perfect balance. Sweetness was sadly lacking here too. The fruit provided much character, which was good to see.

With overpowering tang, I’d suggest the drink wouldn’t be appropriate for a drinking session. A shame considering the alcohol level after 2, would still be within safe limits.

As promised, the aftertaste persisted well, as natural, yet tart apple. I couldn’t detect anything in the way of dryness, although medium dryness was promised on the website. This was a little disappointing.

Unlike it’s range companions, Rose didn’t possess the uniquely bold character, it’s label colour, and packaging, suggested. It seemed to lack a USP. It wasn’t evident in the flavour, or any other of it’s sensory properties.


“Natural and tangy, lacking flare and finesse”.

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