#153 IT horror movie review (9/10) – “Ineffably macabre, ending a little mediocre”.

IT horror review The Good “Lighting effects”.“Dual storyline”.“Tension built before shocks”.“Eerie music employed”.“Unexpected events”.“Charming character personalities”.“Lots of individual characters”.“Stunning scenery”.“Lots of regular shocks”.“Really scary depiction of evil”. The Bad “Slightly too long”.“Settings not varied enough”.“Ending not shocking enough”. Introduction Last weeks horror review was It comes at night. I rated this 2017 American horror film […]

#111 Hawkes Urban Orchard apple cider review – “A confidently woody, full-bodied drink” (8.5/10).

Hawkes Urban Orchard apple cider review – “A confidently woody, full-bodied drink” (8.5/10). The Good “Full mouthfeel”.“Recycling brand message”.“Confident woody flavour”.“Natural taste and smell”.“Fruity smell”.“Pleasant acidity levels”.“Very smooth”.“Fairly practical”.“Good medium dryness as promised”.“Nice woody and natural lasting aftertaste”. The Bad “Very pricey”.“Acidity slightly weak”.“Woodiness too overpowering”.“Not well balanced”.“Weak smell”.“Carbonation very weak”.“Sweetness a little weak”.“Branding lacking […]

#110 Dunkerton’s Black fox cider review (9.5/10) – “Mind blowing all-rounder, with great character and brand identity. After tweaks to carbonation and tang, very hard to fault”.

There’s nothing more festive than a Black fox Organic ? Or is there ? … Have a very (but not too), merry Christmas. Then make sure it was merry enough before new year 🙂 The Good “Practical”.“Quite competitive in price”.“Interesting backstory and brand message”.“Good bottle design”.“Nice and tangy, natural smell”.“Great, balanced sweetness”.“Lovely woodiness from the […]