West Country cider “2019 Special edition Sidastroll 1” – by Ben Hattrell ( Released September 2019).

Cider guide and rating ebook with poetry and summaries.

Check it out here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sidastroll-Johnny-Depp-Ben-Hattrell-ebook/dp/B07LBZBJZ8

Blisters on feet ?

After a long day hiking in the Herefordshire hills there probably isn’t anything better than a cool drink.

With most of the UK cider produced in Herefordshire alone, My West Country cider book is the place to look.

Quench your thirst like never before by discovering a better cider. Enjoy our special edition version. New and improved for 2019 !!

Why you should read it ?

Choose the best Cider for Johnny Depp !

–  10 ciders from across the English west country !!- Clear rating /10 for every drink !!
– All books just 1.99 – Interact on our Facebook to discover others’ choices
– Help Sidastrolls’ pick for Johnny Depp too !!
– Sidastroll 2 “Worldwider cider ft. Ellie Goulding“ coming This Christmas to Amazon 🙂
Enjoy the poems, ratings, summaries and cider picks. Get the full book for only 1.99 !!
Available for kindle, iPad kindle app or smartphone kindle app.

Buy the book with poems here today : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sidastroll-Johnny-Depp-Ben-Hattrell-ebook/dp/B07LBZBJZ8
Researched and written by Ben Hattrell (BSc, PTDip)

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