#341 Come Play Horror movie review- “Walks you through the Horror gateway well” – (7.0/10).

Should I watch? For the Horror fan, yes you certainly should… 


Come Play is a 2020 Drama/Horror/Mystery, according to IMDb.


Fear of the unknown was immediately used. Sounds were used well, with dramatic tones. Lights were cut suddenly, in combination with quiet sound implementation.

Tension was built well, using close-up camera shots. Timing also wasn’t rushed, during such moments. 

Vulnerability was created through technology dependence, with a sense of small scale relative to environment, created using childhood. Towards the end, the comparison of scale between evil and good was made, with stark contrast.

The unusual was depicted through behaviour, and artwork.

Action began sufficiently early, increasing viewer interest.

Evil was revealed and kept hidden simultaneously, which is a novel concept, until the end where it was fully revealed.

Suspicion was aroused through objective measures, and reflections.

The concept of technology meeting biology is an interesting theme, reminiscent of sci-fi.

Later film stages, linked back to earlier, which is rarely seen in most Horror-themed movies!

Emotions were attempted, but could’ve enticed greater viewer empathy.

Unusually, the morals of good and evil were somewhat blurred, with evil acting synonymously with loneliness. 


Walks you through the Horror gateway well.

Should I watch? For the Horror fan, yes you certainly should…

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