The hills have eyes (2006) Horror – (7.5/10) – “Squeamish horror at certain points”. 


With the “The hills have eyes” horror movie totally new to me, I’ve decided to give my thoughts in prose, for it. I have attested my honest opinion, on what is good and bad, without analysing deeply. This post is more “My thoughts”, rather than a full review …

Today I bring you my thoughts on The hills have eyes . This is a 2006 Horror/Thriller film. 

The hills have eyes (2006) – My thoughts (7.5/10) 

Surprisingly rapidly, the film features the odd corner of horror. It teases out the squeamish side of fear, that you’d rather not see. With atmospheric sound effects and plot clarity, the story captivates your understanding well. It also uses horror mechanisms to effectively enhance the viewing experience. 

It’s good that evil takes a while to be shown, as it builds up viewer curiosity. Sadly, action is a little limited for at least 30 minutes into the film. The evil isn’t as scary as it could be either, which is a bit of a let down after keeping the viewer waiting. 

There were moments of brilliance in this movie, but they were infrequent.

The ending was pretty good, creating an overall entertaining movie. It displayed some parts of suspenseful horror.


Good in parts, slow at times. 

Take home 

“Squeamish horror at certain points”. 

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