Henry Weston’s British Vintage – Medium Dry Cider Review- “Woody and tangy nature, with overbearing acidity” (8.75/10). 

Note: I had a cold when reviewing this drink, so taste may have been affected. Smell was affected too much to comment on, so this was omitted from the review. 

The Good

“Very practical”. 

“Good value”. 

“Appropriate backstory”. 

“Woody character evident”. 

“Pleasant light carbonation”. 

“Natural taste”.

“Natural and tangy aftertaste”. 

“Good medium mouthfeel”. 

“Nice natural tang”. 

“Quite smooth taste”. 

“Eye catching bottle design”. 


The Bad 

“Not perfectly balanced”. 

“Dryness totally absent”. 

“Light carbonation not promised”. 

“Overpowering acidity”. 

“Nothing overly distinctive”. 


It seems a world away when lockdown began in the U.K. now. The panic buyers have subsided, and the U.K. is starting to return to some form of new normality. 

Today I review a new Weston’s product, which I managed to obtain from the Coop. Whilst it entailed a rather lengthy walk in the rain, I’ll let you know if it was worth it… 

Earlier this year, I reviewed 2 out of a 3 cider range by Westons, announced in March 2020. The third was “Medium dry cloudy vintage”. Whilst this remains in the pipeline branded “unfinished business”, todays offering is a new product from Westons. 

It has a decorative Union flag on the bottle, to symbolise the product is British. The product is currently exclusively available in Coop stores, as it has been since May. 

This is a medium dry cider, produced using sustainably sourced apples. With it being westons’ 140th anniversary, it seems only fitting to have this patriotism. 

The bottle backstory hints of woody flavours, suggesting a period of time spent in traditional oak vats. It also suggests that the process has been improved over the years, with the original plus points not compromised. Whilst this blurb is a little unimaginative, It informs well of the drinks pedigree. 

Practicalities …

The bottle contains 500ml at 7.3% ABV. It provides 3.7 units for £2. This is quite a standard price for Weston’s, and isn’t bad value considering the single bottle provides enough to place you within the 3-4 unit daily limit range for men.

This makes things very practical and good value. 

Expectations …

So for sensory expectations, dryness is specified as medium on the bottle. Crisp is stated, meaning reasonable acidity should be present. Sparkling means I’d expect a good level of fizz. I’d hope the sweetness provided would be natural too. 


I will repost this review with the smell included at a later date. Due to my cold virus, this basically had no scent whatsoever, at the time of testing. 


The taste was immediately tangy. Carbonation was lighter than expected, but a lot of woody character helped compensate for this. Sweetness was certainly sufficient, allowing a full flavour. The overall taste seemed natural.

Mouthfeel wasn’t full, but a good medium. The taste whilst very tart, was also very fruity and natural. After the initial tang, the sensation also possessed a smoothness. 

The overall balance of the flavour was okay, although the acidity overwhelmed the experience. Sadly, dryness appeared totally absent, despite medium dryness being promised. 

The Aftertaste persisted for a prolonged time naturally. Despite the drinking experience being a bit too rich, the positive overall quality, kept consumption session-able. 


“Woody and tangy nature, with overbearing acidity”.

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