10,000 views !!!! – (Thanks, and my most popular posts ever) …

For the entertainment connoisseurs amongst you, 10,000 views won’t even seem a significant milestone. Many famous you-tubers  have over a million subscribers, and I am sure there are many far larger blogs than ours too. 

This isn’t the point of this post…

For me, achievements are about accomplishing something meaningful to you. This year for me, has been the most popular year ever in my blogging. The reason for this lies with you. All the readers of my blog, for adopting the content I am creating. For this I am truly grateful. The image on this post features me when I started blogging and now 🙂

Most Popular Reviews 

Most popular Overall/Cider review 

My most popular post overall and in the cider category review (linked below), is one I wrote 3 years ago now in April 2017. It was a cider review of the Aldi Premium vintage cider from the year 2015. This is a Westons review, as was my most recent post from last week. It received 854 views by 4th October 2020. 

Most popular Film/Movie review 

My most popular film review (linked below), featured 2 horror films from The Purge series. 

These were the 2 chronologically most recent movies, from the 4 movie franchise. Whilst this was only posted this year during lockdown, by 4th October 2020, it had received 125 views. 

Most popular Hotel/Hostel review 

My most popular hotel/hostel review wasn’t popular at all really. Despite being posted at Christmas time 2017, it has only received 11 views to date as of October 4th 2020. This post pertained to the Dolby hotel in Liverpool. 

Still to come this year …. 

Horror reviews and cider/drink reviews will continue, alongside challenge posts. Any comment suggestions below, will also be considered. I hope to continue posting as much as possible with a target of a post every Friday. 

Remember to stay safe and keep reading at reasea.org, throughout this pandemic, and beyond 🙂 

Massive thanks to all !!!

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Relevant links 

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Most popular cider review : https://reasea.org/2017/04/26/premium-vintage-cider-2015-from-herefordshire-by-jonathan-blair-h-weston-and-sons-review-6-510/

Most popular film review : https://reasea.org/2020/07/03/purge-series-the-purge-anarchy-2014-vs-the-purge-election-year-2016/

Most popular hostel/hotel review https://reasea.org/2017/12/21/the-dolby-hotel-liverpool-room-203-6-5-10-epic-power-shower-in-a-cupboard/

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