10,000 views !!!! – (Thanks, and my most popular posts ever) … For the entertainment connoisseurs amongst you, 10,000 views won’t even seem a significant milestone. Many famous you-tubers  have over a million subscribers, and I am sure there are many far larger blogs than ours too.  This isn’t the point of this post… For me, […]

The Dolby Hotel, Liverpool – (Room 203) 6.5/10 “Epic power shower in a cupboard”.

The Dolby hotel review ( Room 203) (6.5/10) – “Epic power shower in a cupboard”. Good ” Central location”. ” Quick food and drink service”. “Good TV picture quality”. ” Good WIFI speed and polite room cleaners”. ” Shareable Lotus tea biscuits”. ” Epic true power shower”. Bad ” Plastic spoons for tea stirring”. ” […]