Why you should read? What is the best Innocent smoothie? Read on to find out … Which of our top 2 Innocent smoothies is best? Have your say below…


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The 11 Innocent smoothies we have previously reviewed are listed here:

Energise (9.00/10), Invigorate (8.75/10), Berry set go (6.25/10), Tropical defence (7.75/10), Berry light (8.75/10), Bolt from the blue (9.00/10), Berry protein (8.50/10), Mangoes, Passion fruits, Apples (7.50/10), Strawberries and bananas (7.00/10), Wonder green (6.00/10), and Guavas, Pineapples, Apples (8.25/10).

Today we review …

Today, we rank my Innocent smoothie reviews, providing a top 10 list of the best Innocent smoothies.

The table below shows the top 10 best Innocent smoothies from the list above…

Top 10 Innocent Smoothies
NumberNameScore (/10)Rank
1Energise smoothie9.001
2Bolt from the blue smoothie9.001
3Berry light smoothie8.752
4Invigorate smoothie8.752
5Berry protein smoothie8.503
6Guavas, pineapple, apple smoothie8.254
7Tropical defence smoothie7.755
8Mangoes, Passion fruits, Apples smoothie7.506
9Strawberries and bananas7.007
10Berry set go6.258


As shown by the table above, our best ranked smoothies are (Energise), and (Bolt from the blue). We cannot separate them, but please leave your thoughts on which is the best of the 2 smoothies, in your opinion, using the comments below.

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